When we first started creating flavor profiles for Vevan, we put Mozza high on the list. Why? Because it’s a must-have in most kitchens. The smooth, creamy flavor is super versatile, and there’s just something about a giant glob of melty-gooey Mozza that simply makes the world seem right.

We know there are plenty of classic ways you like your Mozza – on a slice of piping hot pizza or paired with tomatoes in a delicious cold salad, perhaps? These recipes show other ways you can pile on the Mozza and let the magnificent mild flavor take your taste buds to new places.

Spinach Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Lasagna

The fragrant roasted garlic in this dish will have your mouth watering well before it’s ready to serve. A rich creamy dairy-free cheese sauce featuring Vevan Mozza is the secret ingredient for a vegan lasagna that makes you smile layer after layer and bite after bite.

Tuscan Bean Toastie

A delicious bean and veggie medley seasoned with a hint of red wine vinegar only gets better when you add dairy-free Vevan Mozza-Shred. Serve the creamy blend over slices of toasted baguettes and savor each miniature taste of magic.

Baked Italian Spaghetti Squash

The best dairy-free dinner recipes include the gooey goodness of a dairy-free cheese like Vevan Mozza. This vegan take on an Italian bake is a plant-based eater’s dream, mostly because it’s topped with a layer of bubbly, creamy dairy-free cheese.

Red and White Pizza Toastini

These dairy-free toasted pizza bites, made with Vevan Mozza Melts, are perfect as a savory app or afternoon snack. Load them up with all your favorite ingredients (vegan or not, you choose!) and enjoy the sum of easy + yum.

Mushroom & Broccoli Pasta

Pasta is a great choice for a plant-based meal the whole family will enjoy. Dress it up with extra veggies and a velvety smooth dairy-free cream sauce made with Vevan Mozza and get ready for everyone to ask for seconds.

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