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Prepare to have your cheese-loving world Vevafied!

Crafted by world-class cheesemakers, plant-based Vevan is all about the traditional cheese experience—minus that whole moo cow dairy thing, of course.

It’s the same creamy texture. The same perfect gooey melt. Incredible quality. Sensational flavor. Pure satisfaction in every bite. Vevan is a plant-based taste revolution in every way!

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Who's Vevan

We are cheese lovers, and we’re on a mission to make the most insanely delicious dairy-free cheese you’ve ever tasted.

That’s why we created Vevan! We use simply the best plant-based ingredients and world-class cheesemaking experience to create sensational flavors.

Vevan’s creamy melt blends with authentic taste to rock your favorite recipes. It’s pure satisfaction in every bite.

Say goodbye to mediocre plant-based cheese and hello to awesome!

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