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Insanely delicious, outrageously awesome

No matter what your reason, cutting out certain foods can be a bummer. After all, what’s pizza without mounds of gooey cheese? Or tacos? Or mac-n-cheese?

We get it, and we’ve got you.

That’s why we created Vevan! We combine the best plant-based ingredients with the talent of world-class cheesemakers to create sensational flavors so authentic you’ll do a double-take (or maybe a double-taste!).

Vevan tastes just like traditional cheese, and we think that’s pretty great. But even better is the way it melts—and the way that creamy goodness rocks all your favorite foods.

It’s pure satisfaction in every bite. And it’s your invitation to rediscover the flavors you’ve been missing.

Say hello to awesome. Say hello to Vevan!

Who Makes Vevan So Awesome?

Vevan cheesemakers are just that: cheesemakers. Dairy cheesemakers, at that. They’ve won hundreds of awards for making world-class cheese, and they know what it takes to create perfection every time. What sets them apart? They believe that great cheese is about more than its ingredients.

Depending on who you ask, cheesemaking is art. Or it’s science. Or maybe a bit of both. But at Vevan, pretty much everyone agrees it’s an experience. And it’s an experience we think no one should miss.

The thing is, whether you’re flexitarian or vegetarian or lactose intolerant or just-don’t-wanna-do-dairy, chances are good you still love cheese (really, who doesn’t?!). At Vevan, we want ALL cheese lovers to have the chance to experience incredible cheese, whether it comes from cows or from plants.

So we challenged our cheesemakers. Take what you know. Take out the dairy. Add the best plant-based ingredients you can find. Make magic.

Then we challenged them some more. It can’t just look like cheese. It has to taste like cheese. And melt to perfection. And satisfy all of our senses.

With Vevan, they delivered in every way. It’s the stuff cheesy dreams are made of. It’s the experience you’ve been waiting for.