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Vevan products are allergen-free. Although Vevan products contain coconut oil, which is considered a tree nut ingredient, all proteins containing potential allergens are removed during the oil refining process.

It should be noted that although they are not officially identified as allergens, peppers can cause reactions and sensitivity in certain people. The spicy Vevan P’Jack products (Shred, Melts and Blocks) contain jalapeños, which are indicated on the packaging label.

Vevan is 100% dairy-free.

All Vevan products are completely gluten-free.

All Vevan products are produced using non-GMO ingredients, but at this time Vevan is not certified as organic.

The base for Vevan is a unique blend of yeast, starches and natural oils. The specific ingredients for each Vevan product are listed on the nutritional facts panel on the package, as well as the individual product pages under the Indulge section of this site.

When you eat dairy-free cheese, you still want a familiar taste and texture, and you want it to melt like traditional cheese. Vevan offers an incredibly authentic taste and melt.

Vevan is great for a wide range of uses, whether as a delicious snack or in many of your favorite recipes. It melts especially well compared to other plant-based cheeses, but the authentic flavor and texture is also perfect for sprinkling over salads or enjoying on sandwiches. This site also includes a variety of recipes for meals and snacks.

Vevan is produced at a plant located in Montfort, Wisconsin.

Vevan will be available in retail stores in spring and summer 2020. You can keep up with the latest news, including when and where Vevan will be available, by signing up for our email list (at the bottom of every page of this website).

We do not have any coupons available at this time, but you can watch for special offers from your favorite retailers. Also be sure to sign up for our email list and follow us on social media to learn when special offers are available.

Send an email with the details of your request to yum@vevanfoods.com.