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Vevan Expands Popular Line with Dairy-Free Snack Packs

Vevan Snax Pair Plant-Based Cheese with Fruit and Nuts for Tasty On-the-Go Convenience

MONTFORT, WI (January 13, 2021) – Its ooey-gooey melt enhances countless dishes, but cheese is meant to be enjoyed in its own right, too. Now fans of new Vevan dairy-free cheese can do exactly that with a first-of-its-kind addition to the product line. Vevan Snax feature the creamy perfection of Vevan snacking cubes, paired with dried fruit and roasted nuts for an on-the-go snack bursting with flavor.

“Vevan tastes great in recipes, but it’s also great on its own, and that’s the premise of Snax,” said Keith Schuman, Vevan Business Unit Lead. “There are few, if any, plant-based options for specific eating occasions like casual snacking, so it’s especially exciting to share Vevan in a format that lets plant-based eaters enjoy those moments more completely.”

Vevan cheesemakers put a great deal of care into crafting an authentic texture for Vevan, primarily with the idea that it would need to perform well as an ingredient for foods like pizza, pasta and burgers. However, innovators quickly realized that the great taste would stand up to other applications that could feature the product, rather than hiding it as an ingredient.

Vevan Snax is the first such example. Snax will be offered in two flavors and come packaged in a 16-count display-ready case. Individual Snax units (1.48 oz. each) are expected to fall in the $1.50 to $2.50 range; final pricing will be at retailers’ discretion.

Vevan Lemon Poppyseed Mozza Snax tempt all the taste buds with an insanely delicious, perfectly balanced snack. The satisfying blend of flavors is the result of creamy bite-size cubes of Vevan Mozza infused with a hint of lemon and poppyseeds, paired with sweet dried blueberries and roasted cashews.

Vevan P’Jack Snax invite Vevanites to turn up the heat and take satisfying a snack attack to the next level. The peppery heat and creamy perfection in bite-size cubes of Vevan P’Jack pair with tart dried cranberries and smoky almonds for an incredible explosion of flavor.

Vevan, which first launched with a trio of flavors earlier in 2020, sets a new standard for dairy-free cheese. In addition to new Vevan Snax, Vevan is offered in Ched, Mozza and P’Jack varieties in Shred and Melts formats at retailers from coast to coast.