New year, new you! If you’re looking for a fresh start with the flip of a calendar page, you can make all the resolutions you want effective January 1. Perhaps a trial run, a one-month commitment, is a more achievable goal to see how your mind, body and soul might respond to change, especially a dramatic one. For those considering a vegan lifestyle, Veganuary invites you to commit to 31 days of plant-based eating, living and loving. GASP – give up cheese for an entire month? Never fear, Vevan is here with our top tips for a successful Veganuary, helping you embrace a healthier lifestyle while still indulging in cheesy goodness. With Vevan, you never have to compromise!

Veganuary tip #1: Be open to possibility 

Sure, like any resolution, veganism is a nice idea, but how many people stayed vegan after Veganuary? According to a survey from the nonprofit that started the movement, 28% of those who took on the challenge in January 2023 remained vegan for at least six months. How? The #1 reason was simply learning about veganism and how it was easier than they expected! 

At Vevan, we challenged our world-class cheesemakers to take their knowledge of traditional dairy cheese and create equally delicious plant-based cheeses to dazzle and delight the average turophile. The result is an ever-growing lineup of products and flavors to please any palate! If you’re new to veganism and you also love cheese, we know the struggle! Our beginner’s guide to vegan cheese drops a bunch of #truthbombs you may like to know: 

  • Vegan cheese uses three common elements – yeast, vegetable oils, and starches – and artisanal cheesemaking methods to develop the cultures and elicit the right textures and flavors to mimic cheese as you know it and love it, just in plant-based form
  • Vegan cheese comes in many forms like sliced, shredded, and spreads, AND in flavors you crave like cheddar, mozzarella, and the spicy pepper jack
  • Vegan cheese melts – with a little extra time and heat, you can achieve the ooey-gooey greatness your tastebuds desire 
  • Vegan cheese is healthy – using high-quality ingredients, Vevan cheeses are certified plant-based, non-GMO, preservative-free, allergy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free – so even if you only cared about it qualifying as vegan, you are getting lots of other benefits

Going vegan for a month or forever can feel daunting, but it’s often the fear of the unknown that makes people miss out on trying something new. Be open to the possibility that veganism can be for you, especially now that you know you can still have an incredible cheese experience.

Veganuary tip #2: Find sustainability

Another finding from Veganuary’s six-month survey was that eight in 10 participants maintained a dramatic reduction in their animal product consumption. Since the point of Veganuary strides toward a vegan world and inspiring people to give it a try, this is a huge win! 

Regardless of whether you stick with veganism 100% or not, heading towards a more plant-based lifestyle is an admirable goal. Many cheese lovers find a haven in flexitarianism, a predominantly vegetarian diet that allows for occasional consumption of animal products. If you want to be more successful in sustaining Veganuary habits, here are a few ideas: 

  • Make a meal plan – don’t just talk about veganism, be about it! Using these vegan meal prep tips, you’ll catch a vision and get in a rhythm that works for you
  • Go shopping – stock up on key ingredients, making healthy, animal-free swaps like dairy-free milks, plant-based meats, and of course, vegan cheese
  • Explore new recipes – like classic American dishes, Italian delights, spicy Mexican meals. Re-imagine your go-tos with plant-based ingredients and discover some new favorites with Vevan recipes
  • Be kind to yourself – making a major change is hard, but finding small ways to implement changes often leads to long-term success; if you find yourself midway through Veganuary in a funk, give yourself a pass to reset or take a day off 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and veganism rarely happens overnight. Life is rarely about the destination, but rather the journey, so embrace each day as an adventure as you work towards a dietary transition

Veganuary #3: Embrace creativity

Interestingly, another Veganuary survey finding was the reason those why participants did not remain vegan after Veganuary – “missing non-vegan foods.” Thankfully with Vevan, you don’t have to wish your favorite dishes farewell! 

Like to start your day with a bagel and cream cheese? No problem! With Vevan’s line of UnCreamCheese in four exciting flavors, you can keep breakfast cheesy and sure-to-pleasey. Not a fan of cream cheese? Check out these other vegan breakfast ideas

Love cheese sauce for your pasta, charcuterie boards, or for dressing up a plate of steamed veggies? We got you! Try our amazing dairy-free cheese sauce (ready in just minutes) and keep enjoying the melty magic of cheese. Hint: keep things fresh when you try making it with any of our three delicious flavors. 

Save room for dessert! You can also go vegan with a sweet tooth. These vegan dessert ideas will have your mouth watering and your confections craving satisfied.

More than two-thirds of Veganuary participant survey respondents claimed that taking part in Veganuary helped them feel more inspired in the kitchen, as well as make more adventurous food choices (60 percent). 

What are you waiting for?! 

Trying Veganuary? 

Calling all cheese lovers! You can have your cheese and eat it too, all while experiencing Veganuary… we literally wrote the book on it.  Be sure to share your Insta-worthy dishes and tag us @vevan.foods. 

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