If you love Vevan, you probably appreciate the brand’s quirky personality. And the good times we have on social media. Our contests are pretty great. And our packaging is loads of fun.

There’s lots to love. And lots of that is thanks to our very own Jackie Reed, who is the driving force behind the brand. Meet Jackie and learn more about how she’s building a loyal fan base of Vevanites from one coast to the other.

What is your role with Vevan?

I’m the Brand Manager for Vevan, which means that I lead marketing and brand strategy. Basically anything you see with the Vevan name or logo on it (social, ads, website, packaging, etc.) is what I work on, along with behind the scenes support for our sales team. Ultimately, my role and goal are to make sure all of our communications are cohesive and that we are reaching the right people, enticing them to fall in love with Vevan.

What drew you to working for the Vevan brand?

I was really intrigued by a traditional cheese company wanting to pursue plant-based cheese. It’s a unique point of view, and it says a lot about their attitude toward forward-thinking innovation and serving ever-evolving consumer needs. Plus, with such a vibrant, fun brand there are so many ways we can really bring joy to consumers and their dairy-free cheese experience.

What’s your typical day like?

I work on everything consumers see related to the Vevan brand, and even the things they don’t, like budgeting and developing sales materials. This means I get to work with almost every department across the company, which is really exciting and rewarding. We have an incredibly talented team that I feel very lucky to be able to collaborate with and learn from every day.

On any given day, you might find me working on content and creative for things like our website, social and digital marketing strategies, then switching gears and developing materials that help our sales team convince retailers to put Vevan in more stores. I also get to work with our innovation (product development) team, along with designers and technical experts who help decide what the packaging says and looks like.

Have you encountered any surprises in launching Vevan to the public?

The biggest and best surprise is how consumers have embraced our products so quickly! The response has been incredible and overwhelmingly positive. We get flooded with messages thanking us for making a plant-based cheese that actually tastes and melts like cheese!

We constantly have consumers asking where they can find us, and some have even written to say they have driven up to two hours just to get more! The dedication is real and we are beyond grateful – and we’re working as hard as we can to keep up with demand and get Vevan in more stores!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I love hearing stories from our consumers who reach out on social or write to us directly. One example that stands out is a mother whose child has an allergy that prevents them from eating traditional cheese or any other dairy-free options that were available in the past. Hearing that, thanks to Vevan, they finally found a way to enjoy the cheese they’ve been missing is a really powerful thing. Something like cheese is a simple pleasure, but that’s what life is all about. I like knowing I have a hand in bringing those moments of happiness to all kinds of people.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Vevan?

Vevan is for everyone! There’s a wide world of cheese-lovers out there, and we embrace all consumers, regardless of where they are in their journey or what led them to dairy-free cheese. Whether you come to us because of a dietary need or just because you’re curious to see what this plant-based cheese stuff is all about, we’re glad to welcome you into the world of Vevan!

As someone who consumes dairy regularly, how does Vevan appeal to you personally?

Although I do consume dairy regularly, I shouldn’t! I’m lactose intolerant. For me, Vevan isn’t just my job; it’s truly transformed my eating habits for the better. I’m constantly telling my friends, family and everyone I meet about how incredible Vevan is and what an impact it’s made on my own life.

Which is your favorite Vevan flavor and why?

P’Jack, hands down. I’ve always favored spicy foods and the combo of spices that are in P’Jack are so unique and delicious. I find myself snacking on slices straight from the fridge all the time. I’m not ashamed to admit that I always take two (ok, more like four) slices at a time because I know I’ll just be digging back in the fridge for more if I don’t.

What excites you most about Vevan?

The beauty of building a new brand is that we are not confined or limited by “how it’s always been done before.” The possibilities with Vevan are endless since we’re not stuck in one box. Most of all, I’m super excited about the new products we’ll be introducing soon. I CAN’T WAIT to share what we have coming up with our loyal Vevanites.