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Launch of Vevan Foods Signals Plant-Based Revolution

Product Line Brings New Level of Authenticity to Dairy-Free Category

MONTFORT, WI (February 27, 2020) – No matter what your reason, cutting out certain foods can be a major disappointment. With its new plant-based line, Vevan Foods is giving those who’ve gone dairy-free a chance to rediscover what they’ve been missing. The line of creamy, dreamy Vevan celebrates authentic flavor and texture to make favorites like pizza, pasta and sandwiches 100% awesome with 0% dairy.

Debuting at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California (booth 8712), Vevan sets a new standard for dairy-free cheese. The line was developed by artisan dairy cheesemakers who blended their world-class talent with the latest innovations in plant-based ingredients for an unprecedented level of authenticity.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than an insanely delicious cheese,” said Lize Willers, Vevan Foods’ Director of Innovation. “It’s not just a matter of flavor, it’s also the texture and the way it melts. Those qualities can be really difficult to achieve without dairy cream, but if it doesn’t act and taste like cheese, it’s really missing the mark.”

Using decades of skill and knowledge, Vevan cheesemakers combined science and art to create a line of products that does what others can’t. Vevan creates the ultimate traditional cheese experience without a single drop of dairy. It’s the same familiar creamy texture, the same perfect gooey melt and sensational flavor – all created with the exponential growth of the plant-based market segment in mind.

“People incorporate plant-based options into their diets for a wide range of reasons, but that doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice the ability to enjoy their favorite foods,” said Keith Schuman, Business Unit Lead for Vevan Foods. “Market data proves that plant-based eaters miss familiar flavors like cheese, and that’s what Vevan delivers.”

Initially being offered to Food Service and Ingredients customers, the line spans three flavors, all offered in shred, slice and block formats.

  • Vevan Ched: Sharp, rich and bold (yellow and white varieties available)
  • Vevan Mozza: Soft, mild and creamy
  • Vevan P’Jack: Zesty with a spicy twist

All Vevan products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and non-GMO.