Hearing how people love and use Vevan is at the top of our “happy things” list, and it turns out, the new Vevan Stack Packs are creating lots of buzz and inspiring deliciously creative ideas from Insta influencers.

Take a look at what these LA-area foodies have to say after checking out the Stack Packs, which feature Ched-Melts and P’Jack-Melts in a single package. These handy snack packs are available exclusively at LA-area Costco stores for a limited time.

“Eating all the mac n cheese to our hearts content.” @takestwoeggs whipped up a spicy take on cheesy heaven that is making our mouths water. Kimchi, Ched-Melts and macaroni all in one bite-size ball. It’s the stuff cheesy dreams are made of.

“I love a good cheesy situation.” For sure! Us too! @dead_peach, this Queso Fundido looks like a seriously good cheesy situation to us (but then again, it has Ched-Melts AND P’Jack-Melts – how could it be anything else?!).

“‘Cause, you know, who doesn’t like more CHEESE!!” Truer words were never spoken. Gooey P’Jack-Melts on the tortillas and some extra melted cheese on top for the win @eat.treat.retreat, hope your lactose-intolerant friend appreciates you as much as we do – thanks for the intro!

“Full of flavor,” “creamy and delicious.” Sounds like a key ingredient to us! Summer is coming fast, and if you’re like @cookingwcata, fresh produce and a layer of cheesy awesome are all you really need.

Big thanks to our content partners for all the awesome inspo! Be sure to check out their recipes on Instagram (and ours, too – @vevan.foods). If you’re looking to start stacking up on big flavor in your own kitchen, be sure to look for Stack Packs at Costco in the LA area or head over to the Store Locator to find Vevan Melts sold separately in a store near you.