With more people looking for dairy alternatives, the revolution of the plant-based food industry has been monumental. And Vevan is excited to be at the forefront of this growth.

As with any success, there is a core team of passionate professionals at Vevan forging ahead with new products and fun and inviting messaging to our loyal cheese lovers.

Enter Claudine Taylor, an integral part of the Vevan team who is excited about being on the forefront of this plant-based food revolution.

What is your role with Vevan?

I am the Marketing Content Associate and work under the amazing queen Brand Manager, Jackie Reed. I am responsible for creating and managing all of Vevan’s content. I work to create and manage Vevan’s emails, Pinterest pins, blogs, social media, monthly recipes, and photo editing.

What drew you to working for the Vevan brand?

What intrigued me about working for Vevan was being able to learn more about the expanding and dynamic plant-based industry.

What’s your typical work day like?

I’m an early riser and I always start my day by checking emails, writing out my agenda for the day, drinking too much coffee and eating some P’Jack Snax. I also browse the Vevan Instagram, review content deadlines, and try to make Jackie laugh. It’s a fun place to work!

Have you encountered any surprises in launching Vevan to the public?

Yes, all good surprises! Along with the new product launches, the best surprise is the growing number of Vevan fans, the Vevanites. The momentum has never stopped and seeing the growth of Vevan’s popularity is truly satisfying. The growing interest in plant-based and Flexitarian lifestyles is great, and I see Vevan playing a significant role in this food revolution. Vevan has been launched into many new retailers, and I love seeing the Snax at my nearby Wegmans!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I love that every day offers an opportunity for me to learn something new! When I started, I devoured all things Vevan and worked hard to learn all I could. It’s been exciting to learn from our Business Unit Lead Keith Schuman and Lize Willers about innovation in the growing plant-based industry. Another cool thing is that I can wear different hats in my role and do new things that help me learn more about Flexitarian and plant-based lifestyles. Everyday, I wake up excited at the prospect of learning something new and bringing my perspective to the team. Everyone works so hard, and it’s great to be around people who have the same level of passion I do.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Vevan?

I wish more people knew how delicious Vevan is and how well it melts, but most importantly, how it can turn an average dish into something crazy delicious.

As someone who consumes dairy regularly, how does Vevan appeal to you personally?

Vevan appeals to me more than traditional dairy cheese because of the flavor it delivers. I often thought dairy cheese lacked the extra kick and flavor I crave. I was always looking for a cheese to satisfy my taste buds and leave me wanting more. I found that with Vevan!

Which is your favorite Vevan flavor and why?

P’Jack is my go-to Vevan plant-based cheese. I just can’t get enough of the kick and creaminess it delivers. It truly adds a kick I crave to start my day.

What excites you most about Vevan?

What excites me most about Vevan is to see where it will be in the next few years. The plant-based industry is exploding, and our innovation makes me want to work harder and bring more to the table. With a team like this, the possibilities are endless.

What are your must-have kitchen ingredients?

A fiancé who loves to cook is my kitchen must-have. I can’t cook, so my fiancé is the cook in the house. Aside from Vevan P’Jack and Ched, his main must-haves are garlic powder, salt/pepper and red pepper flakes.

What was the first dish you tried using Vevan?

The first Vevan dish he made for me was his classic red pepper mac and cheese. It’s packed full of spices with red pepper flakes and a lot of Vevan P’Jack. What’s amazing about it is the creaminess using the P’Jack-Shred and Melts brought to the dish. It’s a perfect serving for two, but I usually end up getting him to let me have his share!

What has surprised you about the Vevan brand?

The functionality of Vevan is great. You can use it in any dish, and the melt is perfect for homemade pizzas. Vevan is a brand that will change the plant-based industry and is revolutionary in every aspect. I’m proud to play a role in the Vevan team.

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