During this unusual season when less sharing is more caring, holiday gatherings may look a little different. To help make your time with loved ones magical and memorable this holiday season, we’re offering some ideas for safe and happy festive holiday from our Vevan test kitchen.

Divvy up the work with a festive holiday potluck

After a long and exhausting year, hosting even a modest holiday event may feel like a ton of work. If you split up responsibilities with a potluck menu, no one person carries too heavy a load. Assign different courses and dishes so everyone has a hand in bringing the meal together.

Keep everyone’s dietary needs in mind

Especially during a difficult year, no one likes to be a bother with special dietary demands. Plan a menu that makes room for everyone. For example, if your recipe calls for cheese and you know you have lactose intolerant or vegan guests, try using a delicious, authentic-tasting dairy-free cheese like Vevan instead of traditional dairy cheese for a vegan holiday dinner option.

Seat same-household groups together

Try your best to keep different groups socially distant. Rather than one big table, create small seating areas where members of the same family or household can eat together.

Set up a serving line to reduce food contact

Rather than passing dishes around the table or sharing serving utensils on a self-serve buffet table, designate just one or two people to serve all the food and have guests pass through a cafeteria-style line – with social distance between them, of course.

Offer individual servings of delicious foods and desserts

Help guests keep from sharing more than good cheer during your festive holiday potluck dinner with small portions made for one. One example is this Awesome Apple Bread Pudding, a holiday vegan dish that you can prepare in ramekins as individual servings for a presentation that’s COVID-friendly and deliciously creative. The tart apples and rich maple-butter sauce combine with Vevan Ched Shred for a treat you’ll have everyone craving well into the new year.

Make it a merry day, your way

In such an unusual year, we wish good vibes to all our loyal Vevanites. Be safe and well as you celebrate in the way that feels right for you!

If you need more ideas to accommodate family and friends who might have dietary restrictions, be sure to check out our Holiday Hosting post, where you’ll find more festive and flavorful seasonal recipes. Also stop by the Indulge section of the Vevan site for even more dairy-free recipe ideas.