Whether it’s on your morning bagel or in that family dessert recipe that’s been handed down to you, cream cheese is a key component to any cheese lover’s palate. For those who have gone dairy-free, finding the right plant-based cheese cream that nails both the authentic flavor and creamy texture has been a challenge until now.

With much anticipation, Vevan is excited to announce our newest creation, UnCreamCheese! Because our plant-based cream cheese is made with an old-world recipe, it mimics its dairy alternative so closely, you may have a hard time believing UnCreamCheese is actually a plant-based spread.

Crafted by world-class cheese makers, UnCreamCheese is made with probiotics and delivers a rich, delicious, taste and smooth and velvety texture. It’s uniquely created in small batches, delivering a fresh, sensational flavor you’ll crave.

4 Flavors of Vevan Plant-Based Cream Cheese

Maybe this product seems familiar to the astute Vevanites out there. We’ve gotten countless inquiries about it – “Hey, I swear I saw your cream cheese at Grocery Outlet!” and “Was this at the Costco Roadshow?” Our fans rock – thanks for noticing and trying UnCreamCheese even before we made an official announcement.

Yes, we’ve been doing a “soft” rollout for this spread of spreads, and UnCreamCheese is now available in these 4 exciting flavors:


This fresh, tangy, and creamy flavor will have you doubting it’s not its dairy alternative. Used as an ingredient or straight out of the tub, the classic flavor will surely satisfy every taste bud.

Strawberries & Cream

Enjoy the taste of summer with a truly fresh, sweet, and creamy spread that is ideal with baked goods. Also perfect for licking right off the spoon!

Garlic & Herb

This delicate blend of garlic and fresh herbs make it an ideal spread on a bagel or as a key ingredient in a savory appetizer.

Caramelized Peach & Maple

This fun and deliciously balanced combination of caramelized peaches and maple make it a great choice for topping a waffle or making a memorable dessert.

There’s an UnCreamCheese flavor for everyone, and we hope you’ll try them all!

How to Use Plant-Based Cream Cheese

Cream cheese has long been a secret ingredient in party foods, creamy memorable side dishes, and unforgettable desserts, like classic cheesecake. With the introduction of UnCreamCheese, you can now enjoy so many of those favorite foods once again.

Our kitchen team is excited to share some of our favorite UnCreamCheese recipes so far:

Baked Sweet Potato with Spiced Vevan UnCreamCheese Whip & Cranberry Orange Relish: this recipe is sure to become a holiday classic because it checks all the boxes on what makes a holiday recipe a go-to favorite! Why? The appealing scent of roasted sweet potatoes will fill your kitchen, it can be prepared in advance, and the colorful dish looks great on any holiday table. The combination of the creamy whipped Vevan Plain UnCreamCheese with cranberries, oranges, and holiday spices will have everyone asking for seconds.

Mini Cookie Sandwiches with Vevan Caramelized Peach & Maple UnCreamCheese: this no-bake dessert is a no-brainer and ready in just ten minutes. Grab a bag of your favorite vegan or gluten-free cookies and a tub of Vevan Caramelized Peach & Maple UnCreamCheese and you have everything you need for a light, yet satisfying indulgence. Easy never looked so fancy!

Getting that creamy, rich flavor from a plant-based cream cheese never tasted so good!

More in store for UnCreamCheese

The possibilities to enjoy UnCreamCheese are endless. Enjoy our plant-based cream cheese on your favorite bagel or toast, as an ingredient in a sweet or savory dip, or as the ingredient that makes a vegan dessert extraordinary. Use UnCreamCheese in any way you’ve used cream cheese, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Plus, expect your friends and family to be asking, are you sure this is dairy-free?

Vevan UnCreamCheese is now available!

Be sure to check out our Store Locator, and if there’s no UnCreamCheese in a drivable distance, help us make that change. Print down our Product Request Form and take it to the manager of your favorite store.