If you’re thinking about changing up the way you eat, there’s no better time than spring to start a plant-based diet. That’s because there are so many fresh, delicious plant-based food options to fill your plate, your taste buds will be happy and your tummy will feel full.

After all, two of the most important keys to success when you make a diet change are actually liking the food you’ll be eating and making sure you’re getting enough food so you don’t get hungry or miss out on important nutrients.

After months of cozy comfort food, warmer temps tend to make us crave lighter, more refreshing dishes.

From early spring through late summer, fresh produce is easy to find, whether you’re shopping local farmers’ markets and roadside stands, hitting up your neighborhood grocery store (which may have locally-grown options, too) or even growing your own garden.

It’s a great time of year to experiment with foods you’ve never tried before, since produce in its prime growing season always tastes better than off-season fruit and veggies. The texture is just right and the flavors are on point.

Mixing your garden-fresh finds with other flavorful ingredients like dairy-free cheese, plant-based protein and fresh herbs and seasonings will help you ease into new eating habits in no time.

More Tips for an Easy Switch to Plant-Based Eating

One tip for starting a plant-based diet is to make a list of all of your favorite foods that you might miss. Then think about ways you could still enjoy those foods in a plant-based way. If pizza is one thing you can’t do without, a dairy-free cheese with a great gooey melt like Vevan is a good solution.

There are plant-based options for a wide range of popular dairy foods and meat products, so another tip for starting a plant-based diet is to do some taste-testing of different kinds of plant-based foods before you make a drastic switch. That way you know you’ll still be able to eat your favorites even if you start using different ingredients.

When you’re starting a plant-based diet, you may find that it’s easier (and more affordable) to gradually make swaps, so you don’t overhaul your entire fridge and pantry at once. When you find a plant-based product you like, go ahead and start cooking with it, even if you’re still using up some of your traditional ingredients.

Some of the best advice for starting a plant-based diet can come from like-minded friends and family who know your tastes well, but you can also find lots of great ideas by searching online for others who are passionate about a plant-based lifestyle.

They’re often very loyal to the best plant-based products they discover and they use their social platforms to share tips and show others the great plant-based recipes they’re creating. Vevan is no exception! Vevanites like @flwernhoney, @feastingwithfelice, @thebalancedwhisk and @saradeanne make incredible recipes using Vevan that they share with their followers.

Of course, when you find a brand you love, keeping tabs on their recipes, giveaways and product info will help give you lots of ideas for delicious ways to embrace your new way of life. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for Vevan’s emails so we can help support you on your journey!