Having too much cheese isn’t a problem we know well – but we’ve heard rumors that it happens sometimes. To some people. Sometimes.

If it’s happened to you, we’re hoping it’s because you found a great deal on Vevan and stocked up. And now you have more cheese than you need. Fortunately, cheese is a super-versatile ingredient that you can combine with other extras and leftovers, so you can use every last drop and do your part to prevent food waste.

As the saying goes, waste-not, want-not – and give your tastebuds something to celebrate along the way!

Extra Cheese? Not With Ideas Like These

Make a clean-up quiche.

In our humble (ahem) opinion, the cheese is what really makes the quiche, and the great thing is, there really are no rules. Use whatever you’ve got on hand. Or if you have the end of three different bags (Mozza, Ched and P’Jack all three, perhaps?), go ahead and use them all.

Extra Cheese? Not With Ideas Like These

Pile on layers of flavor.

Building layers of perfection couldn’t possibly be any easier (or more delicious) than a heaping plate of nachos. Start with chips and then… anything goes! Load up the flavor with whatever strikes your fancy, from fresh veggies like tomatoes and corn to black beans, olives and avocados. The best part is the cheese, of course. Melt yours into a thick, creamy sauce and pour it over top, then sprinkle on layers of flavor with different kinds of shredded cheese.

Extra Cheese? Not With Ideas Like These

Melt a finger food fave.

Is there anything more genius than the quesadilla? Really? It’s a toasty warm tortilla filled with loaded of melty yum. It doesn’t get any better. When you have extra cheese laying around, a quesadilla is foolproof. And fast. And did we mention yum? You can add other stuff if you want, like veggies, seafood or meat. Or just go solo. Use dipping sauces like salsa or chipotle ranch. Or just stick with the gooey melty goodness. This might be a reason to accidentally-on-purpose always have extra cheese.

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