40 mouth watering plant-based dishes. 5 amazing chefs. A two-time New York Times best-selling author. One epic, SOLD OUT event. Vevan was proud to sponsor the Memphis Vegan Brunch this spring, featuring actress, chef, and content creator Tabitha Brown! In case you weren’t one of the lucky 1,000 in attendance, here’s a recap of what you missed. 

Setting the scene

In a town otherwise known for its meat-tastic BBQ, Memphis has welcomed Plant Based Heat (second location coming soon!) and its vegan comfort food with open arms and taste buds. If you’ve never checked out their menu, their smoked BBQ jackfruit sandwich, oyster mushroom burger and vegan mac and cheese are major hits. 

Building on the early success of Plant Based Heat, restaurateur (and former radio personality) Ralph “RJ Groove” Johnson wanted to help further advance the significance of health and wellness in the Memphis community, creating the concept for Memphis Vegan Breakfast! Serving as the official #MVB producer, he brought his passion and vision for plant-based eating to the Renasant Convention Center, with the help of some special friends. 

Sprinkled with sunshine (and a star-studded lineup)

Memphis Vegan Brunch was made possible in part by Johnson’s special friendship with none other than the inspiration behind McCormick’s Caribbean Sunshine Seasoning, Tabitha Brown! Author, Target retail partner, and host of vegan cooking competition “CompliPlated” on Food Network (among other things), Tabitha’s wisdom, laughter, and unique approach to veganism inspires her 12 million plus followers. Visiting each table one by one to greet guests, including another aspiring author, Brown definitely brought the sunshine to #MVB as one of its main attractions. 

Other guest appearances included singer/songwriter David Michael Wyatt (does it get much better than jazz + brunch?!), and designer David Quarles, IV. As if that wasn’t already enough, the afternoon was complete with a fashion show and giveaways from corporate sponsor Kroger. 

#MVB dishes by MVP chefs

What was on the menu at the Memphis Vegan Brunch event? Served up by five local and national chefs and restaurants – Da Guilty Vegan, Shroomlicious, Christopher “Mr. super chef” Beavers, Naked Soul Cooking, and baker Lydia Muhammad – the 100% plant-based brunch spread included: 

  • Vegan bacon, sausage, and portobello steak
  • Plant-based egg dishes
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Pancakes and waffles
  • Fried oyster mushrooms
  • Fruits and fresh juices 
  • Vegan cheeses
  • Mushroom coffee
  • Variety of vegan desserts

For those on a vegan diet, having access to all these plant-based items in one place was surely a treat! Even brunch fans without a seat on the vegan train experienced exceptional cuisine that pleased the palate. 

Vegan brunch – something for everyone! 

Regardless of whether or not brunch is your bag, the Memphis Vegan Brunch reminds us how fun this midday meal can be! With our dairy-free, vegan cheese offerings, you can prepare a super cheesy, sure-to-pleasey menu for everyone in your squad. 

Grab a mimosa and get started with a brunch-focused Vegan Charcuterie Board. Slice up your favorite bagels and pair with our dairy-free UnCreamCheese, available in four flavors (hello cream cheese board!). Add some fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, and of course, some Vevan Melts in Ched, Mozza and P’Jack for noshing. 

Waffle bar? Yes please! These Tex Mex Chick’n & Crispy Cornmeal P’Jack Waffles are the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spicy! Bust out the waffle iron and chop up your favorite fixins to let brunch guests build their own waffle creations. Consider an array of salsas – from fruity and mild to fiery hot jalapeño –  plus roasted corn, black beans, jalapeño, and avocado slices or guacamole. Try your hand at a homemade piloncillo syrup for an authentic, rich, sugary finish. 

Looking for a lazy Sunday? Prep this vegan breakfast strata the night before using your favorite veggies and proteins. Throw it in the oven for 40-50 minutes after guests arrive and enjoy the ooey gooey goodness of eggs + cheese = magic! 

Serve extra coffee and tea with a few of these simple, yet simply delicious, vegan dessert options. Savor the moments and the flavors when you indulge in a little extra conversation with a sweet finish. 

But first, brunch

If you happened to miss our Memphis Vegan Brunch, we hope the recap and recipe ideas help you plan one of your own for the future (#livingfortheweekend). We’re firm believers that every day is better after brunch (and cheese!), but as Tabitha Brown always says, “Have a good day, and even if you can’t, don’t go messing up nobody else’s.” 

Have a favorite brunch recipe? Share it with us by tagging @vevan.foods when you use our Vevan cheese products.