Memorial Day — the unofficial kickoff of summer — will be here before we know it. That means if you haven’t already been hitting the grill, it’s time to start! Grilled veggies are always a winner, but the layers of flavor in a flame-kissed burger just can’t be beat.

Here are some of our favorite ideas so you can start planning how you’ll go plant-based on the grill this Memorial Day and all summer long.

These Slaw-Topped Sliders put a refreshing twist on the classic cheeseburger. A crunchy slaw featuring fresh cucumbers, slivers of apple and a hint of mint is a cool, crisp complement to the warm, gooey goodness of a generous slice of Vevan Ched. We made ours in slider size for fun, but you can easily scale up for a full-size burger.

“All the things” is how @crowmoonkitchen describes this vegan burger. Indeed. We love how he piles so many different tasty ingredients on his homemade seitan patties. Vegan curry mayo and a sprouted wheat bun are tasty, but the real secret ingredients are Vevan Ched (of course!) and pea shoots for some colorful crunch.

If mixing ingredients for a vegan patty isn’t your thing, a hearty mushroom burger is a super simple swap. These time-saving Portobello Mushroom & Mozza Sliders are simply amazing! Pesto, portobello and caramelized onion combine for an incredible flavor mix, but the real treat is the layer of melty Vevan Mozza for each perfectly creamy, gooey-stringy bite.

Oh my GOODness – look at that plate! We’ll take what @veganfoodcrazy is having and break it down for you: falafel burger, melty slices of Vevan Ched, spinach , baby peppers, red onion, cornichon pickles and a generous drizzle of tzatziki sauce, all a toasted sesame bagel.

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