Food lovers of all kinds are joining Vevan’s plant-based revolution! We get stoked seeing those who’ve gone dairy-free (and even those who just enjoy good food) make their cheese-lovin’ dreams come true with our authentic flavors and perfect gooey melt.

Our team is continually inspired by Vevanites and learning how they use our products in insanely delicious, outrageously awesome recipes. @gizweezy is a mom, cook and snacker with plenty of dairy-free cooking tips and mom hacks. Check her out!

1) Tell us about you! Let our Vevanites know what interests and inspires you.

I am a mom to a vivacious 3-year old girl and a 1-month old boy. I enjoy taking care of my family, especially my kids, and I am always looking into learning about new products to make my motherhood journey easier. I also enjoy sharing about brands and products I enjoy on social media, from small shops to household items.

2) For the moms out there, care to share your favorite mom hacks?

For being on-the-go, if you have multiple kids, have a labeled or different colored container in your car that holds their items such as their size diapers, extra clothes, or toys to keep them occupied for a car ride.

My other mom hacks include having a grocery list shared on your phone with your partner, with essentials already inputted (weekly items such as cheese, milk etc. updated in iCloud) and check off that list whenever you go shopping. Plus, share a synced calendar on your phone so everyone knows the schedule for the month!

3) As a busy working mom, you frequently find yourself under pressure, especially when it comes to cooking! Tell us about going dairy-free and how this impacted your routine and meal preparation.

Initially, it was challenging to make dairy-free recipes but now I have discovered endless possibilities of different kinds of dairy-free milk, as well as butter substitutes.

4) Tell us about the top recipes you make using Vevan and why you love them!

Mac and cheese – so easy to make and Rylie loves the cheesiness and creaminess of this!

Pizza on flatbread – Rylie doesn’t like a lot of toppings on her pizza and is perfectly happy with Vevan Mozza-Shred and a little pepperoni. It’s also a great activity for her in the kitchen, as she loves putting her own cheese on her pizza. We just pop these in the microwave oven and we’re good to go!

5) As families prepare to send kids back to school or for the first time, what healthy, easy school lunch recipes and ideas are you cooking up?

With a busy household (and a newborn), I would need convenient recipes for back-to-school, such as needing only 5 or fewer ingredients, or recipes that don’t require a lot of time.

Ham and cheese pinwheels – This requires oven time, but is still very easy to make. My recipe used only 5 ingredients and 2 of them are cheese – always a plus!

Pasta salad with Mozza cubes – I love this quick pasta salad with frozen veggies thrown in and Mozza cubes (from the Vevan Snax – I put the rest in her lunch box!), with olive oil and lemon dressing.

Grilled cheese – combine this sandwich with fruits and carrots and tomatoes to make an easy lunch to go!

6) What kid-friendly plant-based snack suggestions can you share for after-school cravings?

When Rylie comes home from school, she always wants a snack. The easiest and healthiest way is to have her snack board ready. Her little snackuterie can consist of fruits like sliced bananas, raspberries and blueberries; pretzels; Vevan Snax; and mini carrots with a dip.

If she wants a warm snack, I can toast a bagel with marinara sauce and Mozza-Melts for a quick mini pizza.

7) What is your #1 dairy-free dinner recipe moms (and dads!) can pull together in a pinch for those super busy days?

We can always do a quick salmon and roasted veggies, but we also love recipes
where you put all ingredients in one pan and put the whole thing in the oven, such as a chicken Mozza bake! Just add chicken, jarred tomato sauce and Vevan Mozza, baked at 375° for 20-30 minutes!

8) What other ways are you preparing for the upcoming school year to help avoid stress and burnout?

We share a family calendar on our phones to ensure everything is communicated and
scheduled accordingly. Meals are planned during the weekend, and at least 2 meals are prepared before the week starts. Saturdays are reserved for outdoor time for stress relief and screen-free activities!

9) In general, how do you embrace a busy lifestyle and live a healthy, fulfilled life, while nurturing your children and accommodating dietary restrictions like dairy?

I admit that not everything can be done perfectly and you have to embrace the fact that there are not-so-good days. My husband and I are partners in parenting, and we ensure that we always communicate with each other, as well as with the kids.

10) How can other Vevanites find you and follow you for more nutritious (and dairy-free) recipes?

I’m on Instagram – @gizweezy