While everyone has unique traditions and rituals to celebrate the season, one thing most people can rally around during the holidays is sharing a meal. Holiday potlucks are a fun, easy way to gather, enjoy new foods, and celebrate winter, without burdening friends or family with exhaustive hosting duties. Have a potluck on your calendar and don’t know what to bring? We’ve got your covered dish ideas covered! Read on as we dish out our holiday potluck pro tips and recipe ideas. 

Holiday Potluck Dos and Don’ts 

Before you start perusing recipes or calling your mom for help, it’s good to understand potluck etiquette. 

Typically, potluck planners assign attendees to bring a certain dish, such as an appetizer, entree, or dessert. 

DO – stick with your assigned category 
DON’T – forget to ask about the number of attendees; be sure to prepare enough for everyone,  i.e. half the guests, knowing not everyone will try it and most will have just a taste 

Just like potlucks mean a wide variety of foods, they also mean a wide variety of people, especially those with dietary needs. 

DO – ask the host if they are aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions, and consider labeling your dish to let fellow party goers know about ingredients 
DON’T – be restricted by lactose intolerance or vegan eating when you choose Vevan products in your favorite potluck dish 

As you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, you may discover some wonderful dishes you’ve never tried before. 

DO – be adventurous and fill your plate with foods new to you 
DON’T – show up starving or hog all the good stuff; wait to go for seconds until everyone has had a chance for round #1 

We won’t ask for much this Christmas, except please bring your holiday potluck dish ready to be served. 

DO – consider finger-friendly food and room-temperature dishes that can be enjoyed easily and instantly; try these insulated bags to transport your dish if it must stay warm
DON’T – stress out your host by needing to prep food in their kitchen, dirtying dishes or monopolizing the oven 

Be like Santa and bring the gift of helping the host! 

DO – see if you can help with setup or cleanup 
DON’T – do it alone; see if you can enlist the support of others guests, as many hands make light work 

Now that you understand potluck protocols, let’s get on to the recipes! 

Holiday Potluck Recipes 

Following the dos and don’ts from above, here are some of our crowd-pleasing favorites that check all the boxes for 100% merry, 0% dairy holiday potluck dishes: 

Appetizer: Cucumber Canapés 

These crunchy, colorful starters are easy to prep and even easier to eat! With fresh cucumbers as your base, finished with perfectly piped smooth and creamy Vevan Plain UnCreamCheese and savory toppings, guests will be sure to go back for more. Appy holidays to all! 

HOLIDAY TIP: stick with primarily red toppings to keep things extra festive; red + green = golden

Entree: Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms 

Better than stocking stuffers, these stuffed mushrooms are hearty, healthy, and hit the spot! Nested neatly inside each cap is a gooey, melty mix of artichokes, butter, breadcrumbs, and Vevan Mozza-Shred. Potluck attendees will make room for these mushrooms. 

HOLIDAY TIP: strategically place mushrooms atop a tree-shaped platter to make them appear like Christmas ball decorations 

Dessert: Cinnamon Apple Galette With Caramelized Peach & Maple Whip 

Is there a spice with more holiday appeal than cinnamon? This seasonal sweet whips up in only 20 minutes, using just 7 ingredients – Vevan Caramelized Peach & Maple UnCreamCheese, ready-made pastry pie shell, apples, cinnamon, sugar, milk and butter alternatives. Don’t be surprised if this gets gobbled up in a cinna-minute! 

HOLIDAY TIP: pre-slice the galette and arrange it outward, like a pointed holiday star 

Party Like a Pro at Your Holiday Potluck 

Holidays can be stressful. Amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping and to-do lists, it can be intimidating to get that holiday potluck invitation – what to bring, when, and how? Make spirits bright while letting your heart be light with these holiday potluck tips and recipes from Vevan. 

Hosting the holiday potluck? Check out these holiday theme party ideas to enhance your celebration! Challenge guests to rename their dishes to align with the theme. 

We wish all our Vevanites a wonderful holiday season!