When your days get busy, you may be hard-pressed to make time for a quality midday meal. These quick ideas may be just the inspiration you need to slow down and dig into something amazing so you can fuel your way through the rest of the day.

If you’re finding yourself extra crunched, you can even prep some of the ingredients – like slicing and dicing veggies – ahead of time so throwing together a tasty lunch is almost effortless.

Not Your Mama’s Grilled Cheese

Take a step back into the comforts of childhood without sacrificing your grown-up tastes with this grilled cheese featuring a double dose of Vevan Melts: Ched and Mozza. Veggies and condiments give it a sophisticated flavor for a delicious plant-based lunch or snack.

Chick’n Philly Jack

Been missing the melty magic of a Philly sandwich? Dairy-free Vevan makes it possible for you to rediscover an old favorite with this easy dairy-free recipe that celebrates some of the best fresh garden finds.

Fresh Fiesta Cobb Salad

A smooth, creamy avocado drizzle is the perfect complement to crisp fresh veggies and the subtle heat of Vevan P’Jack. Toasted pepitas add a satisfying crunch to this refreshing vegan version of a cobb salad with some uniquely southwestern flair.

Must-Try Cauliflower Soup

Smooth, creamy and perfectly cheesy! This plant-based soup is deliciously light and satisfying at the same time. Vevan Ched-Melts lend a distinctly bold bite and the almond milk adds a touch of sweetness so your taste buds all get to do a happy dance.

What’s topping your lunch menu these days? Be sure to tag #GetVevafied so we can share your tasty tips with fellow Vevanite and check out the Indulge recipe page for more delicious dairy-free and plant-based ideas for every meal.