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From awesome meal inspiration to stories that take you behind the scenes, get the dish on all the ways Vevan makes your cheese-lovin’ dairy-free dreams come true.

How to Enjoy Cheese Despite Lactose Intolerance

While often hereditary, lactose intolerance can strike at any age – at birth, during childhood, and even later in life. So how do those with this condition experience the ooey gooey goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich or slay a slice of pizza? Discover how to cultivate a love of cheese while living with lactose […] Read more >

Go-to Flexitarian Meal Plan Tips

As the old adage goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” While you probably know there are a myriad of benefits to plant-based eating, if you’re looking to transition to a flexitarian diet, you need to be intentional about changing your lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to do so? Meal planning! Our flexitarian […] Read more >

 2024 Cheese Trends to Watch

If you ask us, cheese has always been trending! But with so many varieties of cheese in the world, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with all the cheesy goodness. From trend to mainstay, vegan cheese continues to delight those following a plant-based lifestyle (whether all the time or part-time), as the cheese industry […] Read more >

Q+A with Dairy-Free Cream Cheese

Is cream cheese dairy free? No. And for those committed to vegan eating, or dealing with dairy aversions or allergies, this means saying farewell to cheesecake, dips, and a beloved breakfast bagel topped with – you get the picture. Thankfully, due to cheese-lovin’, dairy-ditchin’ heroes like Vevan, there’s a tasty plant-based alternative to save the […] Read more >

A Cheese Lover’s Guide to Veganuary

New year, new you! If you’re looking for a fresh start with the flip of a calendar page, you can make all the resolutions you want effective January 1. Perhaps a trial run, a one-month commitment, is a more achievable goal to see how your mind, body and soul might respond to change, especially a […] Read more >

How to Make the Perfect Vegan Lasagna

Pasta, sauce, and cheese make up one of our favorite trios ever – the pastabilities are endless! One of the earliest recorded pasta recipes is lasagna, dating back to the Middle Ages, and artwork reflecting ancient Greece and Rome showcases a layered pasta dish as well. For centuries, this beloved meal has been enjoyed by […] Read more >

Dairy-Free Pizza Done Right

It’s no surprise pizza is the world’s #1 takeout food. But if you’re following vegan or dairy-free eating, where does that leave you when it comes to this favorite dairy-laden dish? No matter how you slice it, dairy-free pizza is delicious – stick with us more to learn about this mouthwatering must-eat, including easy-to-make recipes!  […] Read more >

Your Go-To Guide for Dairy-Free Salad 

You see them on Insta. You enjoy them at restaurants. Colorful, flavorful salads are fun to look at, make and eat! While salads aren’t only for vegans, it’s surprising that so many salad recipes contain dairy. If you’re craving more greens and veggies in your day the dairy-free way, Vevan has you covered! Check out […] Read more >

Spice Things Up: Pepper Jack Cheese Recipes

Ever feel like your regular recipe rotation is in a funk? We’ve all been there. After you master a handful of recipes, it’s natural to hit the repeat button and make what you know, what you like, and what’s easy. If your taste buds are craving something new, we have a solution to help you […] Read more >

#ICYMI Memphis Vegan Brunch with Tabitha Brown

40 mouth watering plant-based dishes. 5 amazing chefs. A two-time New York Times best-selling author. One epic, SOLD OUT event. Vevan was proud to sponsor the Memphis Vegan Brunch this spring, featuring actress, chef, and content creator Tabitha Brown! In case you weren’t one of the lucky 1,000 in attendance, here’s a recap of what […] Read more >