If you ask us, cheese has always been trending! But with so many varieties of cheese in the world, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with all the cheesy goodness. From trend to mainstay, vegan cheese continues to delight those following a plant-based lifestyle (whether all the time or part-time), as the cheese industry continues to innovate in the dairy-free space. Check out the top cheese trends on our radar! (CAUTION: may cause excessive watering of the mouth)

What is the trend in the cheese market?

It’s an exciting time to be a cheese lover! Here are five of the top cheese trends we’re following:

  1. Cheese consumption is at an all-time highaccording to Statista, Americans ate an average of nearly 42 pounds of cheese per person, the highest ever recorded in 2022. While the 2023 numbers have not yet been released, this number is projected to grow. Like in a good relationship, we’re falling harder for cheese more each year too! 
  2. Cheese for breakfast – that’s right, beyond lunchtime sammie toppers, midday snacks and a dinner staple, cheese is growing more popular for morning occasions! Who wouldn’t want to start their day with cheese? If you need a little inspiration, we’ve gathered our top five easy (and dairy-free) breakfast ideas so you can give AM cheese a chance. 
  3. Cheese for gathering – maybe call it a post-pandemic sentiment, but people are increasingly enjoying experiences over gifts, with food experiences being high on their lists. So it’s no wonder that crafting a beautiful charcuterie board helps cultivate community! Looking for that Instagrammable cheese board? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to building your own board like a pro! 
  4. Cheese is going viral – from cottage cheese to the #ParmesanEspressoMartini, cheese is being enjoyed and used in unique ways. Social media platforms like TikTok especially are helping cheese claim its fame and showcase its versatility! And people are clearly enjoying the adventure! 
  5. Sustainable cheese – in general, consumers care more and more about sustainability, wanting to know what they buy and what they eat have a positive environmental impact. Cheese makers have the opportunity to seek out more sustainable production, with vegan cheese makers having a leg up, avoiding animal products and achieving a smaller carbon footprint.
vevan spinach quiche

What is the trend in cheese flavors?

When it comes to flavor, cheese producers tend to stick with “plain” and traditional flavors. However, consumer interest in added flavors is on the rise, with top cheese flavors including

  • Herbs
  • Smoked
  • Strawberry
  • Garlic
  • Chili

Vevan has a strong pulse on this trend, as is evidenced by our line of vegan cream cheese, UnCreamCheese! Available in Plain, Strawberries & Cream, and Garlic & Herb, this dairy-free version of America’s top bagel spread tastes so much like traditional cream cheese, you’ll do a double take, or a double taste.

Another top flavor trend? Blends! We’re vibing with this one too, with our limited release of Vevan Shred-blends: P’Jack, Mozza ‘N Ched and Mozza ‘N Ched. Available at select Sprout locations, Vevan Shred-blends bring the wow factor, helping your favorite foods like mac ‘n cheese, pizza and tacos level up! Swap them into any recipe (or sprinkle atop any salad) for an extra burst of flavor.

What is the market for vegan cheese?

Specifically within the vegan cheese market, these are several unique cheese trends to consider as well:

  1. Cashews are a popular source type – cashews bring a nutty flavor to vegan cheese, as well as have a myriad of health benefits, making cashew-based vegan cheese a popular choice. Unfortunately, those with nut allergies need to avoid cashew-based cheeses. Fortunately, Vevan cheeses are allergy-free (as well as certified plant-based, non-GMO, preservative-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and made with high-quality ingredients), making our cheeses stand out above the competition! 
  2. Growth in the B2B segment – not to B2 technical, but restaurants and dining establishments are responding to the growing demand for vegan and plant-based dishes. In turn, they are poised to increase their spending on vegan cheeses. Of course, the consumer (B2C) market is still stronger, and we love making chefs out of Vevanites by offering a huge library of recipes, plus our very own cookbook.
  3. Mozzarella is king – like its dairy counterpart, vegan mozzarella cheese remains the top-selling plant-based cheese. A popular choice in Italian dishes, the magnificently mild flavor makes a savory dish richer and creamier. Vevan Mozza comes in two varieties – Shred and Melts – so you can layer or sprinkle on the magic.
7 layer dip

Set your own cheese trends

Now that you’ve digested some of the top cheese trends, maybe it’s time to make your own! Follow Vevan on Instagram @vevan.foods and be sure to tag us to let us know what vegan cheese trends are exciting to you – we love discovering new influencers and recipe ideas. 

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