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From awesome meal inspiration to stories that take you behind the scenes, get the dish on all the ways Vevan makes your cheese-lovin’ dairy-free dreams come true.

Vevan Foods

Cozy Up with Dairy-Free Comfort Foods

There’s nothing like a steaming dish of creamy, cheesy goodness to warm you from the inside out. This autumn, soothe your soul with a collection of dairy-free comfort foods and plant-based fall recipes that make it easy to embrace crisp mornings and wind down the day with dairy-free fall dinners. Read more >


Looking for More Flexibility in Your Diet? Think Flexitarian

While there are many eating styles that have absolute restrictions of certain foods, like zero carb or vegan diets, there are also numerous approaches to eating that make broader allowances so you can customize your diet to your personal preferences and lifestyle. One example is a flexitarian diet. Read more >


How to Make Magic with Dairy-Free Cheese

One of the things we hear often is that people who give up dairy miss their favorite foods – especially the extra cheesy ones. Let’s face it: cheese is easy to miss! That gooey melt is the reason foods like pizza and burgers are so amazing. Read more >

Plant-Based and Vegan Foods

Is There a Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan Foods

People make decisions about their diets for dozens of reasons, but if you’re considering a change, you might find all the different approaches to eating confusing. Two terms you probably hear a lot are “vegan foods” and “plant-based foods.” Some people treat them interchangeably, but they’re really not the same thing. Here, we break it down. Read more >


Behind the Scenes: Bringing an Idea to Life

Although it may seem like magic, every product that lands on grocery shelves has an incredible team behind it. Vevan is no exception, and one of the powerhouses who turned an awesome idea for dairy-free cheese into a delicious reality is Lize Willers. Meet this leading lady for the Vevan brand and learn more about how it came to be. Read more >

Plant-Based and Vegan Foods

The Ultimate Guide to Dairy-Free Cheese

More and more consumers are finding ways to adjust their diets without giving up the flavors they love. This is especially true when it comes to cheese, but not all dairy-free cheese is the same. This guide will help you find the right fit for your taste buds and lifestyle. Read more >