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From awesome meal inspiration to stories that take you behind the scenes, get the dish on all the ways Vevan makes your cheese-lovin’ dairy-free dreams come true.

Be the Star of Your Vegan Holiday Party

Ugly Christmas sweater – check! White elephant gift – check! Holiday playlist – check! When you’re hosting a holiday gathering, you’re probably using a checklist, and even checking it twice to ensure everything’s in order for a holly, jolly, good time. But let’s be honest – beyond the obvious joy of gathering, the main attraction […] Read more >

How to Be a Holiday Potluck Hero

While everyone has unique traditions and rituals to celebrate the season, one thing most people can rally around during the holidays is sharing a meal. Holiday potlucks are a fun, easy way to gather, enjoy new foods, and celebrate winter, without burdening friends or family with exhaustive hosting duties. Have a potluck on your calendar […] Read more >

Fueling up for Black Friday Breakfast (Bagels + UnCreamCheese)

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, as well as gastronomic glee. Loved ones gather around the table to share pleasantries,  hefty portions of their favorite dishes (like our easy vegan Thanksgiving recipes) and often their Black Friday shopping agendas! But after a day of cooking and eating, the last thing anyone is thinking about is […] Read more >

Ultimate Guide to Vegan Desserts

We think being vegan is pretty sweet. But when it comes to vegan desserts, it can be tricky to understand what confections and ingredients align with plant-based dietary choices. Before you toss out your grandmother’s apple pie recipe or swear off the dessert cart at your favorite restaurant, let us be your guide and share […] Read more >

Vegan Meal Prep Tips to Make Back to School Easier

There are several benefits to advanced meal prepping—from saving time and money to reducing stress and waste each week. Others find it helps them eat healthier food, control their portions, and stay on track with a diet. Meal prep is also useful when entering a new season of life, from starting a different job, to […] Read more >

Introducing UnCreamCheese: Your New Favorite Plant-Based Cream Cheese

Whether it’s on your morning bagel or in that family dessert recipe that’s been handed down to you, cream cheese is a key component to any cheese lover’s palate. For those who have gone dairy-free, finding the right plant-based cheese cream that nails both the authentic flavor and creamy texture has been a challenge until […] Read more >

Vevanite Spotlight: Meet @gizweezy

Food lovers of all kinds are joining Vevan’s plant-based revolution! We get stoked seeing those who’ve gone dairy-free (and even those who just enjoy good food) make their cheese-lovin’ dreams come true with our authentic flavors and perfect gooey melt. Our team is continually inspired by Vevanites and learning how they use our products in […] Read more >

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Beat the Heat with These Summer Cocktails and Vegan Food Pairings

As summer starts to sizzle, you’re likely heading for the nearest body of water and diving in. When water’s not an option, or you’re seeking something even more refreshing, you need summer cocktails. And the best of all worlds? Sipping a cocktail poolside, lakeside, beachfront or while floating on a raft! But which seasonal cocktails […] Read more >

Five Easy Vegetarian Summer Recipes

When it comes to summer meals, you want fun over fuss, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor. For those following a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet, summer is your time to shine with your seasonal dishes repertoire. Vevan has you covered – read on to rediscover the summer flavors you’ve been missing with […] Read more >

6 Vegan Breakfast Ideas to Make Mornings Tastier

What do vegans eat for breakfast? While wakey wakey, eggs and bakey may not be a thing for those on a plant-based diet, it doesn’t mean the first meal of the day can’t still be something to look forward to. Another core ingredient of many beloved breakfast recipes is cheese. If you’re new to veganism […] Read more >