Is it just us, or does a change in season prompt life changes and action? When we think spring, we’re all things green and clean, from our meal planning to our housekeeping regiments. If you’re ready to energize the everyday and embrace the new season, see how a little creativity and a lot of dairy-free cheesy goodness can turn stale routines into fresh spring dinner ideas! 

Eating clean in spring

Spring offers a fresh slate, a chance to start anew, especially when it comes to seasonal menus. Just as you embark upon spring cleaning, keep the clean vibes going with your eating. With more produce available and local outdoor farmers markets reopening, take a break from more processed foods and consider how to incorporate clean eating habits into your spring dinner ideas: 

  • Fresh fruit – bananas, strawberries and apples, oh my! Stock up on seasonal favorites and bring them all together in a charcuterie board or try green apples in this crunchy, delicious Green Goddess Salad.
  • Fresh vegetables – again, snag what’s in season for maximum freshness, like peas or asparagus, perfect for these snack worthy Phyllo Cigars with Mozza, Asparagus & Prosciutto.
  • Lean meats and proteins – grass-fed chicken, fresh fish, cage-free chicken eggs, and dried beans give your meals and body a much needed boost! Change things up with breakfast for dinner
  • Whole grains – oats, brown rice, and whole grain pastas add nutritional value to every meal! This satisfying quinoa bowl hits the spot every time.

Typically, the more natural you eat, the more flavorful your food tastes. Let these clean ingredients inspire your spring dinner ideas and refresh your winter doldrums dining. 

What foods are popular in spring?

Once the days get a little longer and the temps get a little warmer, it’s time to trade the heavy stews, chilis and crockpot favorites for lighter, leaner meals. 

Foods popular in spring include:

  • Salads – beach season is coming, so swap the heavy carbs for hearty greens; add in your favorite proteins like in this Grilled Tempeh & Mozza Crisps Caesar Salad and stay fuller longer on fewer calories than burgers and fries.
  • Light pasta – spring pastas trend away from heavy red sauces and tend towards white sauces and veggie-laden recipes like this Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms, and especially in-season English peas from the pod.
  • Mexican dishes – maybe it’s because of Cinco de Mayo, or the allure of al fresco dining, but spring comes alive with dishes like Vegan Tacos with Zesty Cream Sauce and this Fresh Fiesta Cobb Salad, practically dishing out sunshine when served with homemade margaritas.

Throw a few of these into your weekly menus and help your tastebuds embrace the change of season with some fresh palate pleasers! By now, your creative juices are really flowing with new spring dinner ideas! 

What do you serve at a spring dinner party?

It’s time to take this party outside! Bust out the patio furniture, string up some lights, start up the fire pit and get ready for a spring soiree! If you’re entertaining spring dinner ideas with friends, think finger foods and handhelds to keep the meal as light as the mood. Some of our favorites include:

  • Tuscan Bean Toasties – keep guests warm and (h)appy as they wait for the main course with these Mozza-riffic sourdough starters. Hint: pairs perfectly with a glass of white wine. 
  • Slaw Topped Sliders – fire up the grill for your favorite meat or meat alternatives and prep this flavorful, crunchy slaw made with apples, cucumbers, cabbage and mint! Topped with the melty goodness of our Vevan Ched-Melts, you’ll have a hard time topping this recipe. 
  • Incredible Vegan Pizza – if you’ve been contemplating the outdoor pizza oven trend, give it a go with this versatile dairy-free pizza recipe. Provide an array of toppings and let guests personalize their dinner. 
  • Mini Cookie Sandwiches – don’t skip dessert! Try these mini cookie sandwiches with our velvety smooth Vevan UnCreamCheese. Grab an assortment of cookies and let your inner pastry chef come alive with these perfectly plateable un-guilty pleasures. 

Setting the scene for spring dinner ideas

Because April showers bring May flowers, it’s good to also prepare for indoor dining due to weather or allergies. Give your kitchen or dining room a little spring refresh as well, so you can enjoy your meals a little more! Check out these easy tips to beautify your space with a mini spring makeover:

  • Fresh paint – explore this year’s trendy colors and make your walls look as delectable as your food.
  • Houseplants or herb gardens – if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny kitchen, consider an herb plant garden for your window sill and spices for your spring dinner ideas. Less lucky? Adorn your dining room table with a new houseplant centerpiece.
  • Banquette seating – workable for any size kitchen or dining room, this style of seating makes room for new family members and guests, plus it’s super comfy and chic. 

Spring dinner ideas – what’s on your list?

Spring has sprung and it’s a great time to try something new! Give your home and menu a makeover with spring cleaning, clean eating, and inspiring spring dinner ideas from your friends at Vevan. 

Say hello to spring and hello to Vevan! Show us how you’re rocking the season when you use our Vevan cheese products and tag us @vevanfoods