They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but here’s good news for those on dairy-free diets – breakfast is awesome! If you’re new to dairy-free eating due to lactose intolerance, allergies, or a vegan lifestyle, you can wake up happy every morning knowing these five easy dairy-free breakfast recipes are coming at ya. 

What can I substitute for dairy? 

Before we get to the recipes, we know you may have questions about substitutions. If you said bye bye to the moo moo stuff, you need to rearrange things a bit to accommodate your dairy-free breakfast fix! 

If you’re on a dairy-free diet, here are some substitutes for common dairy products:

  • Milk – a plethora of plant-based options are available, including oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, flax milk, and even quinoa milk. Often these can be used on cereal, in breakfast smoothies, or as needed as a 1-for-1 substitute for milk, like in your favorite pancake recipe. The best way to swap in recipes is to find dairy-free recipes that keep the makeup and flavors of specific non-dairy milks in mind.
  • Butter – what even is french toast without butter and syrup? Swap regular dairy butter with a plant-based butter made from vegetable, avocado, or coconut oil. Feeling wild? Try making your own dairy-free butter! 
  • Cheese – found in all savory breakfast sandwiches and casseroles is cheese. Vevan has you covered there! Check out our lineup of Melts and Shreds, perfect for hacking that one-pan egg sandwich recipe or your everyday frittata. 
  • Cream cheese – if your bae is bagels, you have not one, but four dairy-free cream cheese flavors, courtesy of Vevan UnCreamCheese! Whether you’re looking to start your day with a sweet, savory, or just plain spread, we got you. 

Are eggs dairy-free?

There’s a big misconception out there that dairy-free eating = no eggs. NEWS FLASH! While eggs and dairy products are often lumped together, eggs are actually dairy-free. Both milk and eggs are animal-based, meaning vegan diets will exclude them, but if dairy-free breakfast is all you’re seeking, you can continue chowing down on the incredible, edible egg, a great source of protein and flavor. 

What can I eat for breakfast if I’m dairy-free? 

So glad you asked! Yes, breakfast meals often contain dairy, as milk really does do a body good. With calcium, protein, Vitamin D, and lots of essential vitamins and nutrients, dairy does have its benefits. Yet, those with dairy dietary restrictions can still enjoy great flavors without the hassle of removing dairy ingredients with these easy dairy-free breakfast recipes:

  1. Breakfast Sandwich – ready in 10 minutes, this versatile breakfast sammie has all you need for a great day ahead! Change it up with ease by swapping in an English muffin for bread, our P’Jack-Melts for a little kick, and spinach for avocado. Add some protein with your favorite breakfast meat like bacon or sausage. Plus, feel free to make your eggs plant-based, egg whites only, or even poached if you’re feeling fancy. 
  2. Spinach Quiche – give quiche a chance! This recipe has just five main ingredients, plus spices, and lots of room to make it your own. With a hearty serving of fiber and iron, add in some proteins like ham or even smoked salmon (lox) to make it ever so savory. Yielding six servings, share with your family and friends, or enjoy this dairy-free sensation all week long. 
  3. Easy Cheesy Biscuits – one of the most underrated breakfast options, biscuits are a hearty, easy-to-make and just as easy-to-consume treat. Double the recipe and toss a dozen in the freezer for future breakfasts or even dinner sides. Top with this dairy-free gravy and sausage recipe or keep things light with a pat of dairy-free butter and side of fruit. 
  4. Roasted Veggie Scramble – check out this recipe if you’re watching your carbs and looking to use up leftover vegetables or a summer garden bounty. Chop up your vegetables – we suggest zucchini, tomatoes, and mushrooms – and roast for 15-20 minutes at 420°F. In the meantime, scramble your eggs of choice with your favorite Vevan Shred, and mix it all together. Eggs + dairy-free cheese + veggies = dairy-free breakfast magic. 
  5. Bagel + UnCreamCheese – a beloved on-the-go morning favorite, a bagel with cream cheese still has a place in your breakfast rotation with Vevan UnCreamCheese. Check out this blog with a special recipe for each of our four flavors! 

Drama-free, dairy-free breakfasts

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a hassle just because it’s dairy-free. Check out even more breakfast recipes here, ones for everyday and ones for the weekend slowdown, all using our delicious dairy-free cheese! 

Have a dairy-free breakfast recipe you want to share? Use one of our Vevan cheese products and be sure to tag us @vevanfoods.