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From awesome meal inspiration to stories that take you behind the scenes, get the dish on all the ways Vevan makes your cheese-lovin’ dairy-free dreams come true.

Your Go-To Guide for Dairy-Free Salad 

You see them on Insta. You enjoy them at restaurants. Colorful, flavorful salads are fun to look at, make and eat! While salads aren’t only for vegans, it’s surprising that so many salad recipes contain dairy. If you’re craving more greens and veggies in your day the dairy-free way, Vevan has you covered! Check out […] Read more >

Spice Things Up: Pepper Jack Cheese Recipes

Ever feel like your regular recipe rotation is in a funk? We’ve all been there. After you master a handful of recipes, it’s natural to hit the repeat button and make what you know, what you like, and what’s easy. If your taste buds are craving something new, we have a solution to help you […] Read more >

#ICYMI Memphis Vegan Brunch with Tabitha Brown

40 mouth watering plant-based dishes. 5 amazing chefs. A two-time New York Times best-selling author. One epic, SOLD OUT event. Vevan was proud to sponsor the Memphis Vegan Brunch this spring, featuring actress, chef, and content creator Tabitha Brown! In case you weren’t one of the lucky 1,000 in attendance, here’s a recap of what […] Read more >

The Cure for the Summer Meal Plan Slump

Could it be that summer is finally here? With all the excitement of no school, family vacations, and lazy days ahead (for most), one of the often overlooked aspects of summer is meal planning! Rather than rummaging through the fridge and pantry for last-minute thrown-together dinners or opting for takeout every night, check out these […] Read more >

Make an Amazing Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce in Minutes

Cheese sauce is a must-have when it comes to many of your favorite dishes! Whether it’s comfort food bathed in ooey gooey melty goodness (hello mac ‘n cheese!) or a light drizzle over a plate of steamed veggies, this go-to topping needs to be ready in a pinch. With just two ingredients and a cooking […] Read more >

Crowd-Pleasing Dairy-Free Snacks

Whether it’s mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or minutes til midnight, everyone feels snackish sometimes. But finding snacks that everyone in a household or at a party enjoys can be a challenge, especially when on a dairy-free diet. Until now! Check out our favorite cheesy, dairy-free snacks – there’s something here for everyone.  What snacks are dairy-free? There […] Read more >

Easy Mexican Dishes for Everyday Meals

Mexican meals, how we love thee – let us count the ways! A recent magazine article shared some of the top reasons people dig Mexican food: it tastes great, it’s affordable to make, it contains fresh and healthy ingredients, it reflects the festive Mexican culture, and it’s versatile. While we’re totally on board with all […] Read more >

Freshen Up Your Routine with These Spring Dinner Ideas

Is it just us, or does a change in season prompt life changes and action? When we think spring, we’re all things green and clean, from our meal planning to our housekeeping regiments. If you’re ready to energize the everyday and embrace the new season, see how a little creativity and a lot of dairy-free […] Read more >

Five Easy Dairy-Free Breakfast Recipes

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but here’s good news for those on dairy-free diets – breakfast is awesome! If you’re new to dairy-free eating due to lactose intolerance, allergies, or a vegan lifestyle, you can wake up happy every morning knowing these five easy dairy-free breakfast recipes are coming at […] Read more >

How to Enjoy Cheesy Goodness on a Dairy-Free Diet

Going dairy-free? No matter your reason for ditching dairy, you may have several questions about pursuing a life without some of your favorite dishes. If “how am I going to break up with cheese?” is one of your top concerns, we’re here to help make your cheese-lovin’ dreams come true while learning how to rock […] Read more >