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Authentic Appeal Earns More Shelf Space for Vevan

Authenticity is appealing, and Vevan’s growth in the retail segment is proof. The dairy-free, plant-based cheese brand continues to gain momentum – and shelf space – with support from a growing number of retailers from coast to coast.

Vevan Expands Popular Line with Dairy-Free Snack Packs
Vevan Snax Pair Plant-Based Cheese with Fruit and Nuts for Tasty On-the-Go Convenience

Its ooey-gooey melt enhances countless dishes, but cheese is meant to be enjoyed in its own right, too. Now fans of new Vevan dairy-free cheese can do exactly that with a first-of-its-kind addition to the product line. Vevan Snax feature the creamy perfection of Vevan snacking cubes, paired with dried fruit and roasted nuts for an on-the-go snack bursting with flavor.

Vevan Dairy-Free Cheese Gives Consumers a Taste of Authenticity
Plant-Based Brand is Earning Attention from Consumers, Retailers from Coast to Coast

A perfect gooey melt, familiar creamy texture and sensational flavor. This is what consumers want in a dairy-free cheese, and it’s what Vevan Foods is serving up with its entry to the U.S. retail market. The plant-based cheese is now available at retailers from coast to coast, including Sprouts Farmers Market stores across the nation.

Restaurant Depot Helps Make Menus Magical

A growing number of patrons appreciate vegetarian and vegan menu options, including dishes featuring products like dairy-free cheese. Now, restaurants in the western U.S. can add the incredibly authentic taste of Vevan dairy-free cheese to popular menu items, thanks to Restaurant Depot.

Launch of Vevan Foods Signals Plant-Based Revolution
Product Line Brings New Level of Authenticity to Dairy-Free Category

No matter what your reason, cutting out certain foods can be a major disappointment. With its new plant-based line, Vevan Foods is giving those who’ve gone dairy-free a chance to rediscover what they’ve been missing. The line of creamy, dreamy Vevan celebrates authentic flavor and texture to make favorites like pizza, pasta and sandwiches 100% awesome with 0% dairy.

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