When we created Vevan, we expected people would be excited about all the great things Vevan is: delicious, melty, amazing – and that’s just for starters. But we also hoped they’d be just as excited about all of the things Vevan is not. We purposely skipped the ingredients we know most plant-based eaters try to avoid.

We Avoid the Usual Suspects

It’s no surprise that Vevan contains no milk — or any dairy at all. That means no lactose, either — something our lactose-intolerant friends love! As for animal ingredients, we don’t use any. Same with GMOs. And, yes, we skipped the gluten, too. After all, those are the attributes we know shoppers expect from a plant-based, dairy-free cheese.

Allergy-Free Cheese? We Say Yes Please!

However, there’s something else you won’t find in Vevan. Allergens. Like zero, zip, nada. Vevan is completely allergy-free, meaning we left out all of the big eight allergens commonly recognized by the Food & Drug Administration.

While our cheesemakers were very deliberate in creating a recipe that’s free from allergens, we’re going to get real candid: The number of Vevanites who LOVE Vevan simply because it’s allergen-free have taken us by surprise in the very best possible way.

We’ve had people write to us and tell us they literally cried with happiness when they discovered Vevan. We kind of get that. The idea of living a life without cheese makes us pretty teary-eyed, too.

“Tastes so good and melts just like regular cheese. Being allergic to milk, I am so happy I found this product!” – Janet Z.

“I recently went dairy free due to my newborn having a dairy intolerance. … I came across your Mozza slices and Shreds at the local Grocery Outlet and decided to try them, and boy am I glad I did!”–Stephanie C.

Here’s How We Do It

So what makes Vevan special when it comes to allergens? It so happens that many of the other options on the market do use common allergens, whether it’s a form of milk protein called casein, nuts or soy.

Milk is one of the top eight allergens recognized by the FDA. Casein is a protein that comes from dairy milk and is commonly used in foods like coffee-creamer, protein bars and baby formula. While a plant-based product might contain casein (a dairy ingredient), it isn’t truly a vegan cheese, and it definitely isn’t a dairy-free cheese.

Peanuts and tree nuts are also among the top eight allergens. Reactions to nut allergens can be severe — even life-threatening. However, many dairy-free cheeses rely on a base of seeds or nuts, ranging from sesame and sunflower seeds to almonds, cashews, peanuts and pine nuts.

Soybeans are also common allergens, and it’s fairly common for vegan dairy substitutes to use soy as a milk alternative.

Vevan, on the other hand, is made in a nut-free facility from a blend of yeast, potato starch and natural oils. Although Vevan products do contain coconut oil, which is considered a tree nut ingredient, all proteins containing potential allergens are removed during the oil refining process. (If you’re wondering about Snax, which do include nuts, rest assured – they’re assembled in a completely different building, separate from where Vevan Shred, Melts and cubes are made).

Curious About Vevan’s Ingredients?

If you’re wondering about the ingredients used to make your favorite flavor of Vevan, you can find details on the individual product pages under the Indulge section of this site or check out our Ingredients list.

Be sure to also check out the packaging; the specific ingredients for each Vevan product are listed on the nutritional facts panel on the back side of the package.