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From awesome meal inspiration to stories that take you behind the scenes, get the dish on all the ways Vevan makes your cheese-lovin’ dairy-free dreams come true.

3 Easy Hacks for Cooking with Vegan Cheese

Our kitchen crew LOOOVES to experiment, so not only does that make our jobs lots of yummy fun, we also get to learn all sorts of tricks for cooking with plant-based cheese. We also get to see all the tasty ideas for recipes using vegan cheese that our loyal fans share on social media. Read more >

Make an Easy Cheesy (and Vegan!) Charcuterie Board

A cheesy charcuterie board is a fun way to share your favorite plant-based foods with friends. Get ready to impress with this simple, step-by-step guide (inspired by our recipe) to building a vegan charcuterie board that looks – and tastes – absolutely amazing! Read more >

Cinco Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cheese is a main ingredient in many of the most popular Mexican dishes, so in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we’re sharing some of our favorite recipes that let you enjoy these dishes without a drop of dairy. Read more >

Our Top Picks for a Plant-Based Lunch

When your days get busy, you may be hard-pressed to make time for a quality midday meal. These quick ideas may be just the inspiration you need to slow down and dig into something amazing so you can fuel your way through the rest of the day. Read more >

Make Every Dish Better with a Bold Classic

From tacos and salads to casseroles and potato dishes, Vevan Ched adds a sharp bite of bold flavor that just can’t be beat. It’s super versatile for breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes, but we also love it just the way it is. Read more >