Thanksgiving is just as much about the people gathered around the table as it is the food. This is the perfect time to show all those special people you care about them by serving something special, tasty, and satisfying to enjoy. When you discover delicious and easy vegan Thanksgiving recipes everyone’s sure to have a happy holiday this year.


This Thanksgiving, you may have had the perfect holiday meal planned until you suddenly discover someone on the invite list is now following a plant-based lifestyle. Or, you have been so focused on watching holiday movies and starting your holiday shopping that you put off your menu planning until last-minute. No matter the reason, we can help you create a memorable holiday meal everyone will enjoy thanks to these easy vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

The first step is to always start with a plant-based charcuterie that will set the tone for your fabulous holiday meal. This is a simple way to ensure all your guests will have something to nibble on while you’re effortlessly putting the finishing touches on the feast.



For some, Thanksgiving is all about one main dish surrounded by lots of side dishes. But, who says that’s how it must be? Why not start a new tradition that involves lots of great dishes all sharing the same tasty spotlight?

So whether you need a new plant-based main dish or you just want another satisfying dish everyone can enjoy, this one is sure to become a tradition. This hearty and savory Vegan Shepard’s Pie is packed with the season’s best and most flavorful vegetables, lentils, and fresh herbs and finished with a creamy comforting layer of mashed potatoes and Vevan Mozza-Melts. This is so easy to whip up because you’ll likely have the ingredients on hand for other dishes, too.

This dish will be so popular you’ll add it to your easy vegan Thanksgiving recipe list every year. You may even want to make a note to double the batch, especially if your meat-loving uncle loves it, too!


If your family is all about the side dishes on the big day, everyone will love these Creamy Crave -Worthy Scalloped Potatoes. This side dish will be a real crowd-pleaser because the potatoes are traditional enough to please your picky aunt yet, so delicious it will wow your hard-to-impress cousin. The creaminess comes from the combination of Vevan Mozza-Shred and Vevan Ched-Shred and will have everyone asking for seconds—and for your secret recipe!

Yet, maybe you want an easy vegan Thanksgiving recipe option that is also something a little different and unique to your offerings this year. If so, you’ll want to try these Mushroom and Mozza Lasagna Spirals that look as good as they taste. This fresh take on the classic lasagna dish will make you feel a little nostalgic and a lot pleased with the savory combination of mushrooms, pasta, and the gooey deliciousness delivered by the Vevan Mozza-Melts. Perfect for a Thanksgiving side dish, it can also be a main dish for any special occasion.

If you and yours can never have enough potato variations, add this recipe to your must-make easy vegan Thanksgiving recipe list. That’s because these Baby Bella Twice-Baked Potatoes will be a favorite on your holiday table and because you can incorporate the toppings to include what you have on-hand. That’s some delicious plant-based Thanksgiving efficiency in one cheesy dish.


If a Thanksgiving without pumpkin is just not a possibility for your family, you’ll definitely want to whip up this easy plant-based fondue, which may become your signature holiday recipe.

Party-Perfect Pumpkin Fondue is quick and simple to make, but it’s also beloved because of its versatility. In just 10 minutes you can whip up this great fondue and serve it as an appetizer with breadstick dippers, as an unexpected side dish with hearty multigrain bread, or serve it as a sweet dessert option with dippers of seasonal fruit like pear and apple. And, for true decadence, try some dark chocolate bars for dipping, too.

This dish is so simple, easy, and quick to prepare, you’ll always want to have the three simple ingredients—including the Vevan Mozza-Shred—at the ready, because this fondue is also the quintessential treat to take with you to any holiday celebration you’re not hosting. What you choose to use as dippers will make this fondue even more special.

Thanksgiving will be happier for everyone this holiday season when you find recipes that meet everyone’s expectations for a delicious meal shared with special people. The awesome thing about these recipes is that they can be enjoyed all season long, too. Don’t wait for a special occasion to indulge!

Remember to share your favorite holiday ideas with us and you just may be featured here! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!