The perfect, gooey melt. The incredible creamy texture. All those authentic flavors. There are so many reasons to love Vevan! Dairy-free or vegan cheese is part of a plant-based revolution to help those who’ve ditched (or reduced) dairy enjoy their favorite dishes. If you’re new to dairy-free cheese, discover how magical it can be with this helpful guide to answer your top questions. 

What is dairy-free cheese made out of?

With the help of our artisan cheesemakers, we’ve mastered the art and science of making insanely delicious, outrageously awesome cheese, just without dairy! While milk plays a vital role in the familiar flavor of dairy-based products, our dairy-free cheeses use three common components – yeast, vegetable oils, and starches. 

The flavor of dairy-free cheese varies greatly, depending on what types of ingredients are used to make it – vegetable derivatives and spices are key to creating unique taste profiles. With premium ingredients sourced from the best suppliers around the world, Vevan’s versatile gluten-free and starch base create a perfect creamy texture that lets those flavors really shine (more on those below!). 

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Does dairy-free cheese include allergens?

One of the most common reasons people choose dairy-free cheese is because of dietary changes, like going lactose-free or dairy-free. However, many dairy-free cheese brands use nuts or soy as ingredients, so while they’re avoiding lactose, they may still be encountering other allergens. Someone with allergy concerns is likely to tell you the best dairy-free cheese is a starch-based recipe like Vevan’s, which is 100% allergen-free (as well as non-GMO, preservative-free, gluten-free, and soy-free). 

Does dairy-free cheese melt?

Of course it does! But not the same way as its moo moo counterpart. 

The first thing you might notice when melting dairy-free cheese is that it doesn’t brown like traditional cheese. The brown color you see when cooking with traditional cheese is because of the dairy sugars and proteins (similar to the way baked goods or meat darken as they cook). Since non-dairy cheese like Vevan don’t contain any dairy, they won’t brown the same way.

There’s another visual cue that may throw you off. Even though dairy-free cheese is melted, it may still look like its original form. To be sure you’ve reached that perfect creamy melt, gently check the texture with a knife or fork.

For the best melting results, we turn up the heat. An oven set to 425°F will help you get the creamiest, dreamiest results.

Another trick: Try microwaving your recipe before moving it to the oven or stove. This jump-starts the melt, so you have less cooking time in the oven or skillet. We make our Vevan grilled cheese by stacking on the ingredients, microwaving for 30 seconds on high, then brushing the bread with butter and toasting it golden brown in a skillet. Or, using just the microwave, melt this amazing dairy-free cheese sauce in just minutes! 

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What are the best dairy-free cheeses for pizza? 

For a classic like pizza, we think sliced Vevan Melts are the best cheese for pizza and use them instead of shredded cheese. We tear the melts into pieces and scatter them around the pie for a nice even cover of perfectly melted creamy, vegan cheese goodness.

On the less traditional side, i.e. pizza for breakfast, our Vevan Shred does the trick as it’s baked right into the crust! Sprinkle more on top and enjoy one of your favorite handhelds to start your dairy-free day off deliciously. 

What cheeses are dairy-free?

Two of the most common ways to use cheese are shredded and sliced, and fortunately, you can find both in dairy-free brands like Vevan. Rediscover the flavors you’ve been missing, all available in Shreds and Melts: 

Vevan has also spread the love with our dairy-free UnCreamCheese! Available in four mouthwatering flavors, this spread mimics its dairy alternative so closely, you may have a hard time believing it’s actually plant-based. Enjoy it on your morning bagels and in your favorite desserts – no dairy, no drama. 

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What are the best dairy-free cheeses? 

Well, that depends on you and your tastebuds! 

If you need a little inspiration, download our Vevan cheese-lovin’ cookbook to check out our top recipes and explore the magic of our dairy-free cheese in its many forms and flavors. 

Want to make a little magic of your own? Get social, and show us how you’re using Vevan in your favorite dishes – be sure to tag us @vevan.foods.

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