Gathering around a festive holiday table is one of the things that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, and this time around we’re all more than ready to make it one of the jolliest ever. Once the plans have been made and the invitations accepted, you’ll be all set to create a fantastic menu for the perfect celebratory dinner. If you want to create harmony among your guests and serve foods everyone can enjoy, this holiday may be the ideal time to consider serving a vegan Christmas dinner. When you discover how easy it actually is, this inclusive approach might even become your go-to for every special occasion. Let’s start with the basics.

What Do Vegans Eat for Christmas Dinner?

You may be wondering exactly what you can serve that is satisfying, hearty, and checks all the boxes for the vegans on your holiday meal guest list while still pleasing your more traditional eaters. The great news is there are countless plant-based options, and vegan menus don’t have to look vastly different from other menus. When you take a flavor-first approach, you can create a lineup that will appeal to your vegan visitors, plant-based pals, and even your carnivorous crew.

Aside from the roast and poultry meat-alternatives you can find at most stores, there are traditional seasonal vegetable and grain side dishes hearty enough to serve as main courses. With a base that includes ingredients like mushrooms, tofu, or nuts, you can create an entree that’s both filling and packed with taste. Sides and starters are quick and easy when you incorporate Vevan dairy-free cheese and still get some of the elements everyone is used to. And luckily, holiday staples like pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon make the dessert round the simplest part. Dairy-free and egg-free desserts can also be rich, sweet, and just the right amount of indulgent.

When you follow these steps to create a delicious vegan Christmas dinner, you (and all of your guests) will be filled with both amazing food and the holiday spirit.

3 Steps to a Merry Vegan Christmas Dinner

Step 1: Set the Mood with Appetizers

When you serve a great first course, you set the festive tone for the entire meal. Create an appetizing start with some tasty treats that will keep everyone’s stomachs grumbling until Christmas dinner arrives. You’ll want to keep things simple and tasty, so here are some tips:

  • Cheese and Crackers: Stack some Vevan Mozza-Melts and Vevan Ched-Melts, then cut the stack in quarters and serve alongside an assortment of fresh vegetables, crackers, or breadsticks. Also, consider adding Vevan Marinated Mozza-Bites or Marinated Antipasti to the mix. Not only will these two options elevate your spread, they are both delightfully festive with touches of red and green.
  • Charcuterie without meat?: Yes, and it’s fantastic! This simple yet colorfully seasonal charcuterie is guaranteed to wow everyone.
  • A festive salad starter: The quick prep time for this Delicious Dairy-Free Holiday Salad will allow you more time to spend with your guests which, after all, is the sentiment behind your entire holiday celebration. The red and green grapes and seasonal ingredients like toasted hazelnuts and optional pomegranate arils create a fun yet fresh alternative to a green salad. The salad is finished off with a light dressing and a creamy touch thanks to the Vevan Mozza-Melts.

Step 2: Ring the Christmas Dinner Bell

If your guests have been milling about admiring your decorations and enjoying the delectable first course, it’s time to gather everyone around and ring the vegan Christmas dinner bell.

When you serve this vegan Mushroom and Mozza Lasana Spirals dish, be prepared for your guests to swoon. That’s because this new take on the classic lasagna is hearty, satisfying, and ideal if your guests love a traditional Christmas with a modern twist. Vevan Mozza-Melts deliver a creamy cheesy smoothness that will have them asking for seconds and wondering if it’s really dairy-free.

Another reason this fresh take on lasagna is a Christmas hit is its red and green ingredients. They’re sure to make your table look as merry as everyone will be as they sit down to enjoy a holiday meal. Some fresh sprigs of green parsley or rosemary will add an extra jolly touch to your meal, too.

Step 3: A Sweet Holiday Ending

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without some sweet treats that make you feel like you overindulged just the right amount. Make your holiday even more special for your guests when you serve up a memorable ending with this Awesome Apple Bread Pudding, sure to warm the spirit and create a delightful end to your meal.

The aroma of holiday spices from cinnamon and cardamom combined with Granny Smith apples will make everyone snuggle in by the fireplace and get sentimental before they dig into this warm treat with a smooth, creamy essence thanks to the Vevan Ched-Shred.

Remember that the dessert round is even sweeter when served with a dairy-free eggnog or a spiced cider!

Christmas Bonus Time

Everyone loves a Christmas bonus, unless it’s a subscription to the jelly of the month club of course. By now you’re probably pretty relaxed about how easy this meal will be to prepare, so consider adding a bonus recipe to your vegan Christmas dinner plan.

This Party-Perfect Pumpkin Fondue contains just three ingredients, including Vevan Mozza-Shred. With just 10 minutes of prep time, it’s sure to be on your nice list as it allows for less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

This recipe can be served as an appetizer with breadstick dippers, as an unexpected side dish with hearty multigrain bread, or as a sweet dessert option with dippers of seasonal fruit like pear and apple, or dairy-free ginger cookies. Plus, you can never go wrong when you serve this fondue with some decadent dark chocolate or vegan marshmallows.

This Christmas is sure to be your best one ever, and all your guests will thank you for the memorable holiday and hearty and appetizing dishes that made their Christmas celebration truly special. Share with us how you made Vevan part of your holiday celebrations, and you just may be featured here!