Did you ever hear that joke about the vegan who celebrates National Cheese Day? No? Too bad, It’s a gouda one. In all seriousness, National Cheese Day is upon us, and one fun way to celebrate is by exploring all Vevan offers. After all, why not enjoy a holiday that celebrates all that is good and cheesy?

Whether you work plant-based cheeses into every meal or just as an occasional substitute in recipes, there are endless ways to celebrate National Cheese Day with Vevan all day long (and all year, really).

How to Celebrate National Cheese Day From Morning Until Night


Step one: head to your favorite store and stock up on a variety of Vevan Shreds, Melts, and Snax. To start your day off on the right (and cheesiest) foot, indulge in a healthy and flavorful Gimme More Breakfast Pizza. This easy one-dish pizza sets the tone for a day of celebrating cheese! Another traditional option that works for breakfast, brunch or really anytime is this filling and colorful Quiche.


Whether you enjoy a midday meal or you tend to graze, there are a variety of ways to indulge with Vevan. If you’re a lunch traditionalist, consider this delicious take on the classic — our signature Grilled Cheese. We think variety makes everything more fun, so have fun experimenting with what you have on-hand to make this sandwich uniquely yours.

Consider whipping up some cream sauce to add to these Sweet Potato Fries if you need an accompaniment for your lunch (or just some extra zing). This cream sauce is so good, you might want to make extra for a quick nacho snack or to complement your favorite dinner dish.


Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet dinner at home or looking to take your celebration on the road, there’s so many more ways to enjoy Vevan. If you’re in the mood for a hearty pasta, this Spinach Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Lasagna will fit the bill. Something lighter, yet nonetheless satisfying, is this Mushroom Broccoli Pasta that can be decadently modified to meet you where your cravings are.

If you prefer a small-plate celebration with friends, consider these Red and White Pizza Tostini or Tuscan Bean Toasties. Both offer low prep times so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests!


You can’t celebrate National Cheese Day without something sweet. This quick-prep Awesome Apple Bread Pudding is sure to be the perfect finishing touch without feeling too heavy. Next time someone asks you to bring dessert, you’ll have a go-to that everyone can enjoy.

Although we thought our “cheesy” joke was pretty good, there’s nothing funny about a dairy cheese alternative that is actually delicious and excited cheese lovers year round. Vevan cheese can make any day a gouda day.

Take a pic of your National Cheese Day celebration and post it on IG and tag us @vevan.foods for a chance to be featured! If you don’t see all the Vevan your heart desires at your neighborhood grocery store, be sure to ask for them to start carrying it!

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