Although the new year’s kisses may have been replaced with elbow bumps, there’s no doubt it’s a brand new year. A new year means time for goal-setting and resolutions to make positive changes. Whether you’re planning on becoming vegan or just looking to add more plant-based foods to your diet in 2022, we have some awesome ways for you to embrace the new year with confidence by expanding your culinary horizons and adding new foods to your lifestyle.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

This question on everyone’s lips as the new year begins is “what’s your resolution?” If your answer is becoming vegan, expanding your palate, cooking at-home more often, or vowing to exercise more, you’re not alone. In a poll, 45% of us said we will make resolutions. And of that 45%, about one third of the resolutions are related to exercise, weight loss and diet changes.

This sounds promising, but the reality is that by late January, many of us have turned away from lofty goals of gym visits and making better food choices. Part of the reason why is that if we leave our comfort zone for too long, the urge to give up is strong. 

You don’t have to sacrifice things you love and enjoy to achieve your goals.  When you focus on adding great things to your lifestyle, rather than subtracting from it, you’re setting up a winning equation for the new year.

Is becoming vegan your goal?

If becoming vegan is your resolution—congratulations! There are so many delicious ways for you to jumpstart your journey.  It can be a fun time to explore all the great ideas  and recipes for using Vevan dairy-free cheese. Plus, with the plant-based food aisles multiplying in grocery stores, your choices for what you can add to your lifestyle are endless.

Or maybe taking the plunge into veganism isn’t something you’re interested in doing now, but you are interested in getting out of your comfort zone and dipping your toe in the plant-based pool.  One of the biggest trends in recent years is flexitarianism. This approach of limiting certain foods may be a great way to explore plant-based foods, and you may be surprised to find how easy it is to make changes.  

3 ways to stay on-track

Whether you’ve committed to becoming vegan or just shifting to a plant-based diet, here are some ways you can build new habits and make your change stick.

Focus on tastes you love

Hot ‘n Spicy

If you crave spicy foods and love to turn the heat up on most of your meals, you’ll be pleased to discover all the spice plant-based foods can bring to your plate if you’re becoming vegan. There is no sacrifice in spice and heat when you find the right plant-based foods to satisfy your craving.

If you’re a pepper jack cheese fan, you’ll love our plant-based  Vevan P’Jack,  available in both individual slices or shredded varieties. It will make your tacos hotter and your grilled cheese zing. When you prepare a dairy-free dish with Vevan P’Jack, like these tasty P’Jack Black Bean Tostadas, be prepared for people to ask for your secret ingredient. 

Rich ‘n Creamy

If you love gooey, creamy sauces and melted creamy dishes like pastas, you can still enjoy them on a plant-based diet.  When you substitute dairy cheese with options like Vevan Mozza, you won’t sacrifice all the things you love about traditional mozzarella. But you will love the new taste and creamy texture.

Can’t imagine a world without mac and cheese?  Do you swoon at the sight of a grilled cheese sandwich? Adding Vevan Ched to your life will be a delicious step on your plant-based culinary adventure. Its mild taste and wholesome ched flavor makes it ideal to substitute in all your casseroles, potato dishes, and sandwiches.

Mediterranean Mixes

If you ‘falafel’ about making dietary changes, rest assured you can still enjoy your favorite Mediterranean recipes when switching up to a dairy-free or plant-based diet.  And if you’re becoming vegan, there are countless Mediterranean foods you can savor, starting with the universal favorite—pizza.  

Vevan Marinated Mozza-Bites are not only a tasty addition to your dietary change equation, they are convenient and so easy to enjoy in a variety of ways. You can nosh on these flavorful bites right out of the container, or as the highlight of a pizza. Add them to a vegan charcuterie (yes, that’s a thing and it’s awesome) for a tangy touch, or try your hand at making croquettes with the  Marinated Mozza-Bites for your next dinner night at home.

Pick meals to tailor

If you are taking small steps to switch up your diet, consider changing your options for just one meal a day, like breakfast or lunchtime. These meals are easy to make completely plant-based with just a few tweaks.  

If you’re a traditional breakfast type, you’ll be pleased to learn about all the great vegan foods to add to your morning meal. Just replace your eggs with vegan egg substitutes like Just Egg and plant-based meat options.  From recipes for breakfast sandwiches to more elaborate stratas for weekend brunches, a plant-based breakfast will help kickstart your day in a tasty way.

Is lunch the meal you want to make vegan?  There are so many savory options for this midday meal, from plant-based soups to veggie sandwiches and hearty salads made from whole grains, that you won’t feel like you’re missing out on dairy or meat. If you like to pack your lunch, explore the plentiful recipes to be enjoyed on-the-go during your busy day.

If dinner is the one you want to tweak to be plant-based or vegan, there are lots of ways you can make this switch. First you may want to learn about all the easy hacks for adding plant-based foods to your dinner, like incorporating sauces and crisps. Or you may try to serve a few recipes to your family. After they rave about the dinner you served, you can fill them in on the surprise that the meal they just enjoyed was vegan! 

Make a snack pact 

Are you an avid snacker? Finding great plant-based snacks that are filling and satisfying can help you stay on-track and meet your goals of either trying more plant-based foods or ultimately of becoming vegan.  If you’re busy and on-the-go, rest assured you will find a plant-based snack option to love. From nuts, dried fruits, and veggies to crunchy treats galore, the options are aplenty. Try prepared snack packs like Vevan Snax, or grab a fork and dig right into a container of Marinated Mozza-Bites. You just might discover your new favorite snack obsession.

Trying new dishes and adding new foods to your diet can truly make your meals much more enjoyable while helping you achieve your goals or resolutions. When you explore all the plant-based possibilities, you’ll be amazed at how deliciously simple it is to make small changes that can result positively in a major lifestyle change.  

If you are excited with all the new year has to offer, so are we! Keep your eyes open for an important update from us on how we can make your plant-based journey creamier and more delicious. Don’t forget to share with us how you’re enjoying plant-based foods this year and you just may be featured here!

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Becoming Vegan in the New Year: 3 Ways to Start and Stay on Track
If you're planning on becoming vegan or you're just looking for more flexitarian options, we have some delicious ways for you to expand your culinary horizons.