It’s summer, and that alone is a reason to party.  But, nobody wants to worry about what to serve or spend too much time preparing different dishes to suit everyone, so a summer picnic potluck is the ideal option for your next gathering.We love the idea of a potluck because it gives all a chance to bring their favorite dish, and everyone can try something new! You may even discover a new favorite food or be inspired to treat your friends to some of the great recipes you’ve recently mastered.

Whether you’re a long-time vegan, you just started your dairy-free journey, or you want to incorporate more plant-based foods in your lifestyle, hosting a potluck and inviting your guests to try something new can be fun for everyone.

Step 1: Select your setting

This is part of the fun. If a deck or patio isn’t an option, consider the often overlooked front porch. And, you can always create your own festive space in your yard by gathering some lawn blankets or tables and covering them with festive tablecloths. Have a park near you? Grab a pavilion and make it a neutral location!

Step 2: Pick a theme

Warning: your guests may initially sigh at the thought of a themed potluck, but a theme lends a flair of fun to any gathering! It also helps make menu planning easier for everyone and makes the dishes more cohesive. Here are some of our favorites:


Warm weather and fiesta go hand-in-hand.  This is a festive theme that offers you and your guests a chance to enjoy old favorites with a new twist.

Food: Dairy-Free Melty Nachos, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas , Delish Dairy-free Tacos, Fiesta Rice Bombs
Drink: Mexican-style beer, margaritas

Viva La Italia

Maybe we all can’t visit Italy right now, but we can be transported to the land of sun and wine when we enjoy some of its legendary cuisine.

Food: Summer Caprese Salad, Artichoke stuffed mushrooms, Baked Italian Spaghetti Squash
Drink:  prosecco, rose’

Southern Hospitality

Modern Southern cuisine takes the old and new and blends into a foodie’s delight!  Latin American flair combines with creole and traditional southern staples for a journey sure to satisfy all your tastebuds.

Food: Spicy Stuffed Pasilla Peppers, Cornbread P’jack Muffins, Slaw-Topped Sliders
Drink: mojitos, sweet tea


From sea to shining sea, this theme offers an array of delicious dishes for all. Great all summer, but the Americana theme is ideal for a 4th of July celebration.

FoodFresh Fiesta Cobb Salad , Savory Vegan Mac and Cheese, Chick’n Philly Jack, Veggie Sandwiches
Drink: microbrew beers, lemonade

Step 3: Set the mood

Some freshly picked flowers in mason jars, your favorite tunes playing, and some bistro lights will provide an ideal setting for your soiree. Finish it all off with a few citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away, and your space is sure to be dressed to impress!

Exploring new foods is fun all on its own, but the process is even more enjoyable when you get to enjoy new dishes with friends. If you are looking for inspiration to make your plant-based diet even more delicious, sign-up for our emails and have the latest recipes sent straight to your inbox.